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Liam is a content writer for Bitcoin Casinos. He has 7 years of experience writing articles on trending topics including sports and finance. Liam has a passion for analysing trending data and has had his data shared in publications including New York Times, BBC and 1000's more. He started working on BitcoinCasinos.com one year ago and provides all kinds of details for users interested in playing at crypto casinos.

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   In an exclusive interview with BitcoinCasinos.com, Ricky Hatton speaks about his upcoming stint on Dancing on Ice. The former welterweight champ opens up about how preparations are going for the show and picks a surprising favourite to win the competition. Hatton’s surprising pick to win Dancing on Ice Hatton skips ski jumper favourite Eddie …

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Vladimir Putin delivered ‘bone crusher’ handshake to ‘sleepy’ Kim Jong-un ahead of meeting in Russia, says body language expert. Russian President asserted authority throughout with wider stance while North Korean leader ‘couldn’t keep eyes open’ and showed anxious signs Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un, two of the world’s most powerful leaders, met in a clash …

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Donald Trump mugshot

Donald Trump mugshot shows he is convinced he will be cleared all charges and is an attempt to intimidate, claims world leading body language expert. Human Lie Detector analyses the first ever police mugshot of a former US President facing charges in Georgia of attempting to fix election – and reveals what his serious pose …

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Gaming Exchange Rates

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Buying items and upgrades for your character has become a key part of video games, with some games now featuring fairly complex economies. While games that are more grounded in reality may use a real-world currency, many have created their own, similar to the virtual currencies used in Bitcoin casino games. But how much would …

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Did you get lucky last week? It looks like nearly 30% of Brits didn’t, according to new government research. We’re all about luck here at Bitcoin Casinos, so we wanted to find out how often Brits are getting lucky, and who is the luckiest when it comes to sex. Analysing You Gov relationship data from …

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According to the latest odds sourced by Bitcoin Casinos resident compiler Alan Alger, Logan Paul could be set for a blockbuster return to the ring this year, with the 27-year old priced at evens to fight Darren Till next in 2023. With his brother dominating the headlines yet again this year, it could now be …

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bitcoincasinos.com Console Cash in 01 SOCIAL HEADER

Video games have been around for decades, and have changed a lot since the first generations of Nintendos and Ataris, with new technology constantly enhancing the playing experience. However, older video games and consoles have that nostalgia factor that modern consoles haven’t achieved yet. This means retro gaming is still a huge business with rare …

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Crypto tattoo searches increased by 222% in 2023


Crypto tattoo searches on Google and Instagram are at an all-time high, despite the constant news of layoffs, closures and general unrest in the Crypto industry. Research by Bitcoincasinos.com analysed Instagram hashtags and Google searches to reveal the most popular crypto tattoos people are getting inked or considering! Key findings 📈Searches for crypto tattoos have …

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