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Alan Draper

As the administrators of BitcoinCasinos.com, we’re usually extremely eager to hear from our website visitors. In fact, we strongly encourage the majority of our website visitors to contact us as often as they’d like with any feedback or suggestions that could help us to improve the BitcoinCasinos.com experience. However, there are a few exceptions to this, which we’ll briefly discuss below.

Please Do Not Contact Us If:

You are interested in trading links. While we certainly appreciate your interest in a link exchange with us, we will not reply to any emails with requests for link exchanges (this goes for both reciprocal and 3-way link exchanges).

You are interested in having us promote your casino. We are extremely selective when it comes to which casinos we promote. As a result, we will not entertain promoting your casino if you contact us with any unsolicited offers. If we feel your brands have something to offer the visitors of our website, you can rest assured that we will get in touch with you directly to discuss the promotion of your brands.

Contact us via [email protected]

Please Feel Free To Contact Us If:

You notice a bug anywhere on the website. We greatly appreciate when our website visitors take the time to make us aware of any bugs that we come across and we make every effort to resolve bugs as quickly as we can once we’ve been made aware of them.

You have a suggestion that will improve the BitcoinCasinos.com experience contact us with [email protected]. After all, we value each and every visitor to our website and we will do everything in our power to ensure that all of our website visitors have the best experience possible whenever they are visiting the BitcoinCasinos.com website.

You have any questions about Bitcoin casinos or bitcoins in general. We are fairly knowledgeable about Bitcoin casinos and bitcoins themselves and we’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

If you have any question about data protection policy contact us via [email protected]

Alan Draper

Alan Draper is a highly experienced and knowledgeable gaming expert, who has been involved in the gambling industry for over a decade. He has developed an extremely detailed comprehension of bitcoin gambling through his work as the Chief Editor of Business2Community.com, StockApps.com & InsideBitcoins.com. Alan's expertise extends beyond merely understanding the technical aspects of blockchain gambling, as he is also capable of making gambling strategies easily digestible and writing up honest brand reviews.

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