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Some of the best gambling help organizations in the United States are listed in this guide. These organizations have a long history of helping people with gambling addiction and their families.

You may learn more about each group, what they do, and how to get in touch with them in this article. These groups are available to offer support on the road to recovery, whether what’s needed is therapy, resources, or just someone to talk to.


Gambling Help Organizations in the United States

These well-known nonprofit organizations, many of which are situated in the US, were chosen for their unrelenting dedication to tackling the problems associated with gambling addiction. These organizations, which operate locally and internationally, provide a variety of support services, such as counseling, therapy, support groups, and internet resources. 

In addition, they actively participate in advocacy campaigns to increase public understanding of gambling addiction, working with stakeholders and legislators across the country. They also all strive to aid people in escaping the grip of gambling addiction, despite the differences in their methods.

1. Gamblers Anonymous (GA): Recover Without Judgement

Gamblers Anonymous is an international fellowship of people who have gambling problems. They provide a 12-step recovery program that is comparable to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Meetings are regularly held throughout the nation, offering a secure environment for people to discuss their experiences and look for support from those going through the same difficulties.

Gamblers Anonymous

Their Transparency & Ratings:

Charity Navigator has confirmed on Form 990 that the organization has this process in place as an accountability and transparency measure – giving it 5/5 pts.

Gamblers Anonymous (GA) is dedicated to providing a transparent and accountable platform for individuals seeking help for gambling addiction. While they primarily focus on support through their 12-step recovery program, GA’s commitment to transparency can be seen in their open sharing of meeting schedules, resources, and guiding principles. 

Their meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend, fostering an environment of trust and accessibility. GA’s commitment to anonymity is a hallmark of its approach, ensuring individuals can seek help without fear of judgment or disclosure of their identity.

GA maintains a humble but impactful online presence as an organization founded on mutual support and recovery. While they may not have elaborate ratings or rankings, their real measure of success lies in the countless lives they have helped transform. As they state, “The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop gambling.” 

This commitment to inclusivity and their track record of assisting countless individuals on their journey to recovery serve as powerful testaments to their effectiveness.

What They Do:

A lifeline for those struggling with gambling addiction is Gamblers Anonymous. GA stands out because of its peer-led methodology, in which people who have recovered from addictions direct others toward recovery. GA meetings offer a private, secure setting where participants can speak candidly about their struggles, victories, and failures. 

GA’s technique is built on the 12-step recovery program, which is similar to Alcoholics Anonymous. Members of this program are urged to face their addiction, make restitution if needed, and find comfort in others’ support.

GA extends beyond in-person gatherings. Additionally, they provide a variety of internet resources, making it simpler for people to get assistance whenever they do. These materials include books, workbooks, and details about nearby meetings. 

GA gives people the tools they need to reclaim control over their lives and work toward a future free from the shackles of gambling addiction by creating a community of understanding and shared experiences.

What They’ve Achieved:

Gamblers Anonymous has had outstanding success throughout the years in assisting people in overcoming gambling addiction. They have an impact on countless people’s and their families’ lives that goes beyond numbers and ratings. GA has proven crucial in assisting people to escape the cycle of compulsive gambling by offering a non-judgmental and friendly atmosphere.

The restoration of hope is among Gamblers Anonymous’ most significant accomplishments. Through their meetings and events, many members have discovered a feeling of purpose and belonging again.

2. Gamban: Blocking Gambling Sites

Gamban is at the forefront of responsible gaming solutions, providing crucial assistance to people struggling with gambling addiction.

This practical solution lets users effectively block access to online gambling platforms on an assortment of devices, giving them a cheap and expedient way to retake control over their gambling habits.


Their Transparency & Rating

Gamban is listed on TrustPilot as a verified business with a score of 3.2. It’s a well-known brand in responsible gaming and is known for its uncompromising dedication to user privacy and the prevention of online gambling.

Gamban’s reputation as a reliable ally for people looking for assistance in controlling their gambling impulses has been cemented by its adherence to transparency and safe gaming standards.

 What They Do

The main goal of Gamban is to give people who need help controlling their gambling urges an affordable and practical alternative. They accomplish this by providing a solution that effectively restricts access to online gambling websites on a multitude of devices.

With this proactive strategy, individuals can take back control of their gaming habits. Some free social games (FSGs) that allow players to buy in-game “virtual coins” with no actual monetary value are also blocked by Gamban.

What They’ve Achieved

Gamban has won praise for its commitment to responsible gaming. The business has made a huge contribution to promoting responsible gaming by helping people manage their gambling habits.

Independent testing of the program produced excellent results. According to a recent independent charity GambleAware study, barring users from gambling websites with Gamban is up to 99% successful – an amazing feat.

Gamban is also able to offer great self-exclusion for a small percentage of what rival companies charge. 

3. BetBlocker: Manage Gambling Responsibly

The responsible gambling program BetBlocker was created to assist people in controlling their online gambling behaviors. BetBlocker takes a novel approach to addressing the problems associated with problem gambling, to provide a secure and accessible platform for users looking for assistance with gambling-related concerns.
Their Transparency & Ratings

BetBlocker has received praise for its dedication to protecting user privacy and encouraging responsible gaming. The organization has been given the ‘Top-Rated Charity’ title by GreatNonProfits, demonstrating its commitment to fostering an environment of openness and trust for individuals in need of help.

What They Do

With the help of the free online tool and software BetBlocker, users can limit access to gambling-related websites and applications on a variety of devices. Additionally, the tool offers a parental control feature that lets you turn it on and off with a password. And for as short as 24 hours or as long as five years, you can block yourself.

BetBlocker cannot be uninstalled after installation for the selected time frame. They place a high priority on user privacy, making sure that people can ask for assistance without being concerned that their identity will be revealed.

What They’ve Achieved

People who want to regain control over their gambling habits have come to rely on BetBlocker as a highly useful tool. BetBlocker has extraordinarily prevented gamblers who need help from having access to over 6,000 gambling websites. Users frequently contact their provider to inform them that BetBlocker’s restrictions have helped to preserve lives, families, and marriages.

4. Gam-Anon: The Gamblers’ Loved Ones Platform

Gam-Anon is a support group created especially for loved ones and friends of people with gambling issues. It gives family members a platform to talk about their struggles and support one another.


Their Transparency & Ratings:

Gam-Anon is committed to offering support and aid to people who are impacted by gambling addiction, much like Gamblers Anonymous (GA). The open sharing of meeting dates, materials, and guiding principles shows their dedication to transparency even though they may not have elaborate evaluations or rankings. 

Meetings of Gam-Anon are open to anybody looking for support, fostering a climate of openness and comfort. People can seek assistance without worrying about being judged or having their identity revealed thanks to the organization’s commitment to confidentiality.

Gam-Anon’s primary goal is to support those who care about people who have gambling addictions. Therefore, being open and honest while offering resources and support is crucial. Their goal is to assist people in comprehending and overcoming the difficulties brought on by a loved one’s gambling issue.

What They Do:

Gam-Anon provides a lifeline to friends and family who are impacted by a loved one’s gambling addiction. Their peer-led methodology, similar to that of Gamblers Anonymous, enables people who have personally experienced the effects of gambling addiction to assist others in finding healing. 

Participants can share their experiences, difficulties, and coping mechanisms in a private setting at a Gam-Anon meeting. The group provides a 12-step recovery program made especially for family members of problem gamblers. 

Participants in this program gain an understanding of the addiction, discover appropriate limits, and create self-care plans. The dedication of Gam-Anon to encouraging compassion and resiliency among family members is a crucial part of the support system for persons struggling with gambling addiction.

What They’ve Achieved:

Gam-Anon has accomplished a lot in its quest to help problem gamblers’ loved ones and bring them healing. The enhanced well-being and quality of life of people who have taken part in their programs is evidence of their influence. 

Gam-Anon has helped family members take control over their lives and relationships by offering a safe space for sharing and learning. Restoring hope and understanding within families is one of Gam-Anon’s outstanding accomplishments. 

Many participants have regained their courage and learned how to deal with the difficulties brought on by a loved one’s gambling addiction.  Numerous people have undergone personal transformations as a result of Gam-Anon’s dedication to the values of compassion, empathy, and resilience. 

The tales of recovery and healing told by the families they have helped throughout the years will serve as their lasting legacy. 

Contact them by phone at 718-352-1671

5. National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG): Education with Gambling

The NCPG is a support group that focuses on educating people about problem gambling and offering services to individuals who are affected. They provide a helpline (1-800-GAMBLER) for people looking for assistance and support.

National Council on Problem Gambling

Their Transparency & Ratings:

GreatNonProfits awarded NCPG with a ‘top-rated non-profit’ badge in 2019. The NCPG is devoted to giving people who need assistance with gambling-related problems a public and responsible forum.

The main objective of NCPG is to create a welcoming environment for people who struggle with problem gambling. They place a strong emphasis on privacy so that anyone can ask for help without worrying about confidentiality.

The countless people and families that NCPG has helped on their road to recovery serve as living proof that their effect goes beyond just statistics. Their dedication to diversity and impressive track record are evidence of their success in managing problem gambling.

What They Do:

The National Council on Problem Gambling is a steadfast source of assistance for people who are struggling with the gambling issue. NCPG stands out for its all-inclusive strategy, which includes lobbying and assistance.

Numerous tools and services are offered by NCPG to prevent, treat, and recover. Their vast network of partners and affiliates guarantees that those struggling with gambling-related issues can get the assistance they require.

The diversified approach of NCPG is its main strength. They provide crucial assistance through their helpline, which acts as a lifeline for people and the people they care about. Their commitment to research and education helps communities identify and solve problem gambling by empowering them further. 

The NCPG works with lawmakers as well, promoting laws and rules that shield people from the negative effects of excessive gaming. NCPG plays a crucial role in developing a culture that encourages ethical gaming behavior through its diligent efforts.

What They’ve Achieved:

In its efforts to combat problem gambling, the National Council on Problem Gambling has made notable strides. Their work encompasses the significant impact they’ve had on innumerable lives, going far beyond numerical scores and evaluations. NCPG has been crucial in assisting people to escape the hold of problem gambling by offering caring support and direction.

Their contribution to spreading awareness about problem gambling is one of their most important accomplishments. NCPG works to clear the way for a society that acknowledges and addresses problem gambling via advocacy, education, mitigation, and research.

6.  GambleAware: A Group That Fits You

GambleAware is a well-known organization that works to address and lessen the effects of gambling-related harm in the United Kingdom. They are essential in encouraging responsible gaming and offering assistance to people struggling with gambling-related problems.


Their Transparency & Ratings

Leading nonprofit GambleAware strongly emphasizes openness while commissioning services for gambling harm reduction and therapy. Transparency is important for it as this year, it released the results of its most recent annual study on the negative effects of gambling and the needs of both gamblers and those impacted by others’ gambling for help and therapy. 

It’s also one of the few charities that is featured in all three categories—research, prevention, and treatment.

What They Do

GambleAware focuses on supporting initiatives that address gambling damage through education, prevention, and therapy. They work together with numerous groups and experts to make sure that people have access to the tools they need to deal with gambling-related problems.

When you get in touch with them, you can spend as much or as little time talking about your worries as you’d like. They may then offer the perfect help for you.

They are here to support you at every stage of your journey, and if you need specialized services that are catered to your needs, they can also point you in the direction of those services as well as long-term and ongoing support.

What They’ve Achieved

They have collaborated closely over the years to lessen the negative effects of gambling with the Government, the Gambling Commission, the Department of Digital, Media & Sport, the Department of Health and Social Care, the Ministry of Defense, as well as other government ministries.

Additionally, they have created advisory committees in Scotland and Wales to support them with their future commissioning plans in those countries.

7.  Gordon Moody-Gambling Therapy: Historically Helping Gamblers

The Gordon Moody is a reputable organization that helps and supports those who have gambling problems. Since their establishment in 1971, they have led the charge in addressing gaming-related harm and promoting responsible gambling.

Gordon Moody Gambling Therapy

Their Transparency & Ratings

Gordon Moody has received a Global Regulatory Award (2021) for Recognizing Excellence, a designation that highlights the caliber of services the company offers gamblers in need of addiction treatment.

What They Do

The programs at Gordon Moody are provided by highly experienced specialists, from clinical psychologists to accredited psychotherapists, who are trained and prepared to focus on any co-occurring addictions or mental and emotional health disorders in addition to gambling addiction.

They conduct thorough assessments that assist them in incorporating suitable therapies into customized treatment plans that cater to the particular needs of each service user.  A variety of services are provided by Gordon Moody, such as residential treatment programs, therapeutic support, and counseling.

What They’ve Achieved

The lengthy history of the Gordon Moody group is filled with innumerable success stories of people who have freed themselves from the hold of problem gambling. Through their Gambling Therapy program, they’ve successfully given people a place where they can vent safely, discuss problems they are having, and receive support and wisdom.

8.  Betknowmore: Helping from Experience

The mission of Betknowmore (BKM) is to support those who are affected by problem gambling. Betknowmore UK was founded by people who had personally suffered from gambling-related harms to assist others going through a similar experience.


They were founded to offer support and guidance, and they have grown to be a dependable source in the area of responsible gambling.

Their Transparency & Ratings

Betknowmore lays a big emphasis on accountability and transparency. Their dedication to promoting safe gambling has won them accreditation as a “Top-Rated Charity.”

What They Do

They want to help those in need and encourage people to make informed decisions regarding their gaming habits.

They are unique in providing support under the direction of people who have experienced the negative effects of gambling firsthand and have been trained to assist others utilizing approaches like motivational interviewing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and intense mentoring.

What They’ve Achieved

BKM has only lately begun asking customers for feedback after they have finished their treatment on the care and assistance they have received. All of the customers who offered this feedback said the training was very successful in assisting them in gaining control over their gambling habits.

9.  Northern Gambling Service: North of England Savior

The Northern Gambling Service is a committed organization that offers vital support and help to people who struggle with problem gambling as well as mental health issues like despair, anxiety, trauma, and suicidal thoughts.

Northern Gambling Service

Their Transparency & Ratings

Out of a total of 671 reviews, it has a 4.8-star rating on TrustPilot, earning an ‘Excellent’ grade. Also, seven of the Northern Gambling Service Trust’s services were evaluated by a team of CQC inspectors who paid a visit in July and August of this year to see whether they were secure, efficient, compassionate, responsive, and well-led.

What They Do

In addition to GPs (unpaid independent contractors who work for the NHS), local councils, National Health Service (NHS) trusts, national and local charities, Citizens’ Advice, the criminal justice system, debt agencies, substance abuse services, and homeless organizations, the NHS Northern Gambling Service also collaborates closely with these groups and individuals.

They have a set of referral requirements because they are a specialized NHS service. They have been hired to assist those suffering from gambling addiction (less serious issues are typically directed to GamCare).

What They’ve Achieved

Thousands of adults battling with gambling addiction in the North of England have received therapy and assistance from it. It also marks the first time a similar NHS gambling program has been introduced outside of London.

They have proven their effectiveness in controlling problem gambling by successfully assisting innumerable people and families on their road to recovery.

10.  Monzo: Bank & Gambling Help

A respectable and cutting-edge digital bank, Monzo is renowned for its dedication to consumer privacy and data protection. They have a solid reputation for transparently providing banking services.

Monzo Gambling Block

If you need assistance with your gambling addiction, you can apply their optional ‘Gambling Block’ function to your account through the app.

Their Transparency & Ratings
Based on an astounding 28,685 reviews, it gets a 4.2 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot – an astonishing feat for such a relatively large number of reviewers.

What They Do

Monzo offers contemporary banking services with an emphasis on data security and user-centric design. They include features like immediate expenditure alerts, budgeting tools, and excellent customer service.

Additionally, every time you make a payment to a gambling operator while using ‘Gambling Block’, the transaction is identified by a gambling merchant category code (MCC). When you enable the Gambling Block, Monzo will reject all transactions involving gambling before they are completed.

What They’ve Achieved

Monzo surveyed, created and released a tool in 2018 that lets their users restrict gambling transactions. It was the first of its kind, providing a friction-based financial tool to aid gambling addicts in self-exclusion.

Over 700,000 Monzo users have used this tool, which is now available from about 90% of banks. They have joined forces with nonprofit organizations, academics, and NHS doctors to persuade the government to ensure that everyone can access “a gambling block”, regardless of their banking arrangements.

Other Notable Orgs

There is a handful of very helpful organizations dedicated to helping people who may be facing gambling addiction. These institutions also approach the issue from a unique angle to try and help the most vulnerable or susceptible members of the gambling community.

For instance, the “Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation” founded in 1996, has a number of helpful initiatives to try and curtail underage gambling. Initiatives like “Gambling-Free Kids”, look to pass their message across to communities around the 50 states in the USA where they have members.

How Can You Select the Best Charities to Support?

Making the appropriate charity choice is essential to making sure your donation has the most possible impact. Even though the organizations on this list are some of the best at helping people overcome gambling addiction, you might have a cause that is particularly dear to your heart. 

An evaluation and selection checklist for charities that will best reflect your values and maximize the impact of your donation are provided below:

  • Look Around on Their Website. Go to the charity’s website first. Reputable charities are open and honest about their goals, timelines, and financial information. Learn about their history, objectives, and ideals by looking at their online profiles.
  • Clearly State Their Mission. A charity should have a well-defined mission. It is what motivates them to do what they do. Consider looking for a charity with a clearer purpose that is in line with your beliefs if the mission of the current organization isn’t clear or doesn’t resonate with you.
  • Keep an eye out for Measurable Goals. Successful nonprofits establish specific, quantifiable goals. You’ll want to know that your gift helps them accomplish their purpose. Charities should be able to demonstrate the results of their efforts and how they are moving closer to their objectives.
  • Evaluate Results. Examine the charity’s historical accomplishments and its progress toward its current objectives. Similar to any endeavor, a company’s performance can be determined by its track record of success. Analyze whether the charity is significantly improving the field in which it operates.
  • Examine the Financials and Statistics. Reputable nonprofits frequently release financial reports and statements. While some may be excluded, they should be prepared to give contributors who ask for this documentation. Transparency in a charity’s finances aids in ensuring that your money is put to good use.
  • Look for First-Hand Knowledge. Make contact with those who are involved in or have benefited from the charity’s activities. Personal encounters and word-of-mouth referrals offer insightful information on the caliber and impact of a charity. Visit them or get in touch with some of its supporters.

You may choose a charity to support with confidence if you follow these guidelines. Your contribution will not only have a significant impact, but it will also be in line with your moral principles and goals for the world.

How Can You Best Support These Charities?

Once you’ve decided on a charity that shares your values and objectives, it’s time to look into the different ways you may assist them. Each charity frequently runs particular programs designed to meet its distinct objectives. 

You can choose the type of help that best suits you by being aware of their goals. Here are a few methods you can use to successfully support the goals of the charity you’ve chosen:

Make a Financial Contribution

One of the easiest ways to support a charity is to donate money. The majority of organizations have donation sections on their websites where you can make one-time donations or set up recurring ones at times that work for you. 

Credit cards are frequently used as a form of payment, but some charities may also accept PayPal or even Bitcoin.

Buy official merchandise

Many charities earn money by selling goods like mugs, shirts, caps, pens, and other official collectibles. Purchasing these goods helps raise awareness of their initiatives while also contributing to their financial resources. To help them out, think about sharing and buying these things.

Some charities take part in initiatives like Amazon Smile, which donates a Portion of Your Online Purchases to the Charity of Your Choice. You can arrange this so that a portion of your internet purchases benefit the charity you support.

Volunteer Your Time

Several charities actively participate in neighborhood and grassroots initiatives. Consider giving your time and skills as a volunteer if you are enthusiastic about their objective. You can choose to plan and oversee initiatives in your neighborhood to increase the impact of the charity.

Aid fundraising initiatives

Promote the cause you’ve chosen to support within your personal and professional networks. By planning innovative fundraising campaigns, whether on social media or in your local communities, you may entice others to support the cause. 

Your support can considerably increase their ability to raise money.

Their Narratives

The majority of charities offer inspiring tales of change and influence. Whether it be through blogs, social media, or chats with friends and family, share these stories with your audience. 

You can encourage more people to contribute to the charity’s cause and spread awareness of the problems it addresses by sharing these stories.

You may play a significant part in assisting your chosen charity in achieving its goals by taking into account these many support options. Your actions may make a real impact and help bring about positive change in your neighborhood and beyond, whether through monetary donations, volunteer work, or advocacy.

Final Thoughts

You now can bring about a change for the better. We urge you to select the amazing organizations fighting gambling addiction that most closely align with your beliefs and objectives after researching them. 

Your assistance, in whatever capacity, will be much valued by the groups working to change the world. We hope that the knowledge presented in this article has streamlined the decision-making process and enabled you to match your contributions with the causes that are most important to you. 

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