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Thank you for visiting BitcoinCasinos.com. We place the highest value on your privacy.

Please review the following privacy policy (Policy) as it explains everything related to your personal and non-personal information collected while visiting bitcoincasinos.com.

All visitors should read this notice as well as our Terms of Use before engaging with the site. By continuing your use of this site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand these policies.

1. Information We Collect

We gather a variety of information at bitcoincasinos.com to help better your experience by enhancing our services. The data we compile includes:

Log Data

Our servers automatically record the usual log information sent to us by the browser. This happens every time a user accesses our website. 

These details include the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your device, the kind and version of your browser, the pages you view, the time and date of your visit, how long you spend on each page, and other information. We use log data to operate the Site, analyze trends, and solve issues.

Device Data

We may gather information about the device you use to access the Site to customize our services to it. The type of device, operating system, special device identifiers, device settings, and geolocation information are all included in this data. 

The data we gather is based on the particular settings and software setup of your device. To understand the data that your device’s manufacturer or software supplier shares with us, we recommend reading their policies.

Personal Information

From time to time, we might ask you for personal data. This may contain your email address. Your email address could be necessary to sign up for newsletters, create an account, or reply to inquiries. 

It is optional to provide personal information, and we ensure that all information is handled with the highest care and by any privacy laws.

We hope to provide you with a seamless browsing experience, gain a deeper understanding of user preferences, and continuously improve our services by gathering this information. We take the security of your data seriously and have safeguards in place, so you can rest easy.

2. Legal Bases for Processing

The legal foundations that guide how we at Fair Bitcoin Casinos process your personal information serve as the cornerstone of our dedication to your privacy. These legal foundations guarantee that our data collecting and processing procedures correspond to high standards, protecting your rights and upholding complete openness.

  • Contractual Performance: We use your information to perform a contract to which you are a party or to take measures to engage in a contract. This means offering the services you ask for and making sure your experience is flawless.
  • Legitimate Interests: Processing for legitimate purposes enables us to do research, enhance our services, and defend our rights while considering your privacy concerns.
  • Consent: We process data with your explicit consent for certain purposes, such as sending newsletters. Consent can be revoked at any moment without impacting previously processed data.
  • Legal Obligations: We process data to uphold our legal duties, ensure compliance with laws, and settle disputes.
  • Data Security: We place a high priority on data security, keeping records for no longer than is required and taking precautions to avoid unauthorized access, loss, and modification.
  • International Transfers: Some data may be processed in nations other than your own. We ensure your data is protected by the law in all relevant areas.
  • Your Rights: Your data are under your control. You have the option to transmit information to a third party, limit its use, and ask for access, updates, or corrections.

Contact us or the appropriate regulatory organizations if you have complaints or want to unsubscribe. Additionally, you are always free to unsubscribe from our emails and messages.

3. Collection and Use of Information

At BitcoinCasinos.com, we gather, store, utilize, and disclose information for a variety of objectives that complement your interests and improve your time on our site.

  • Customized Experience: By adapting the content of our website to your preferences and maximizing your participation, we may make your experience there more tailored.
  • Communication: Information enables us to communicate with you. We use it to get in touch with you, offer help, and keep you up to date on specials, goods, and services.
  • Analytics and Development: Analyzing usage patterns, doing market research, and developing our website, applications, and social media presence are all made possible by data collection.
  • Enhancing Benefits: We use information to provide you with more benefits, such as running contests and sending you information about our offers.
  • Advertising and Marketing: Information enables us to send pertinent adverts and promotional materials about our goods and services as well as details about other companies we think you might be interested in.
  • Legal Compliance: We treat data by data protection laws and regulations to fulfill legal responsibilities and settle disputes.
  • Third-Party Disclosure: While protecting your privacy is a top priority, we may share personal information with outside service partners to deliver high-quality services and enhance user experience.
  • Your Control: Your preferences determine the information that is gathered and how it is used. Your data can be restricted or limited in use, requested for access or correction, or even transferred to other third parties.
  • Transparency: We use transparent data practices to make sure you are fully aware of how your information is gathered, handled, and used.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Our top goal is safeguarding your personal information. We are dedicated to protecting the privacy and security of the information you share with us. While we may share personal information with carefully chosen third parties, we always take your privacy rights seriously.

  • Service Providers: We may share personal information with outside service providers to improve your experience on our platform. These companies assist us in providing a variety of services, such as IT support, data storage, website hosting, upkeep, marketing, and more.
  • Data Collection Partners: We work with a few outside organizations to collect and process data for analytics, market studies, and business development. This makes it easier for us to successfully manage and enhance our website, applications, and social media platforms.
  • Professional Advisors: We may provide personal information to consultants who provide critical insights for our business operations and expansion, such as attorneys, financial advisors, and other consultants.
  • Payment Systems Operators: We may share personal data with operators of payment systems to enable transactions and payments.
  • Data Security: Before disclosing personal information to a third party, we make sure the party agrees to follow data protection laws. They must put in place the necessary safeguards to protect your information and guarantee that it is used lawfully.
  • Sharing with a purpose: Our disclosure of user information to third parties is always motivated by a specific goal and consistent with our dedication to providing a seamless and beneficial user experience.
  • Your Consent: We never share your personal information with other parties without getting your permission, unless it’s necessary to comply with legal responsibilities or pursue legitimate business interests.

5. International Transfers of Personal Information

At BitcoinCasinos.com, we make an effort to uphold the greatest levels of data security and privacy, even when your information is transferred over national boundaries. Please be aware of how your personal information may be handled and kept in various countries when you submit it to us.

  • Locations of Data Storage: Our primary operational base is in Estonia, where we keep and process the majority of the personal data we gather. Our affiliates, partners, and third-party service providers may occasionally have offices abroad.
  • Foreign Third Parties: By giving us your personal information, you understand and agree that we may disclose your information to foreign third parties. These foreign companies might be engaged in analytics, data processing, or other support activities.
  • Safeguarding Your Data: We take data security seriously and make sure that any transfer of personal data from the European Economic Area (EEA) to nations outside the EEA is protected by the necessary precautions. One of these measures may be using industry-standard data protection clauses certified by the European Commission or other recognized legal procedures.
  • Jurisdictional Considerations: It’s crucial to understand that when your personal information is transferred to a nation outside the EEA, other countries’ data protection regulations might not be the same as those in the EEA.  While we go out of our way to select third parties who place a high priority on data protection, it’s essential to be aware of any potential discrepancies in legal protections.
  • Risk Awareness: We are aware that disclosing personal information to parties in countries with different data protection legislation may carry some risk. Despite these dangers, we are dedicated to cooperating solely with reliable partners who follow industry standards for data security and privacy.
  • You acknowledge: You acknowledge and agree to the potential international transfer of your information by using our platform and giving us your personal information. Regardless of where your data is located, rest assured that we are still dedicated to maintaining its security, confidentiality, and lawful handling.

6. Your Rights and Controlling Your Personal Information

  • Choice and Consent: By giving us your personal information, you authorize us to gather, keep, and use it by our privacy policy. If you are under 16, you must have your parent’s or guardian’s permission to visit the website and submit any personal information there. Although it is optional, please be aware that sharing your data may impact how you use our platform.
  • Information from Third Parties: You may be confident that we will treat any personal information about you that we learn about from a third party with the same level of care and respect as the information you directly provide us. If you are a third party giving us information on someone else, you guarantee that you have that person’s permission to do so.
  • Limiting Collection and Use:  You may limit the gathering and use of your personal information. If you agree to data usage for marketing and would like to withdraw consent, simply contact us. If you request usage restrictions, we’ll explain their effects on the platform and your service use.
  • Access and Data Portability: You have the right to seek information about the personal information we currently hold about you. We will give you this information if you want it in a readily understandable manner. Additionally, you are free to request a copy of your data. Furthermore, we will take action to update any information we possess about you that you believe is incorrect, incomplete, or out-of-date.
  • Data Breach Notification: We shall abide by all relevant rules and regulations in the unlikely case of a data breach. If there is a breach, we will look into it right away and let you know what efforts we are taking to remedy it and safeguard your data.
  • Complaints and Contact: Contact information is available in our privacy policy. If you have complaints about our data processing procedures or believe we have violated a relevant data protection regulation, please get in touch with us. We will look into your complaint and get back to you with the findings, along with the actions we plan to take to remedy the problem.
  • Unsubscribing: You can opt out of receiving messages from us or remove your email address from our database by utilizing the opt-out options provided in the communication or by getting in touch with us.

7. Cookies

We use “cookies” to learn more about how you use our site and how you interact with it. A cookie is a little data file that our website stores on your computer and accesses each time you visit. 

With the use of this technology, we can better understand how you engage with our content and customize your experience to suit your needs. It’s crucial to understand that cookies do not include personally identifying information and do not affect how your device normally operates.

Cookies are essential to improving your experience on our site. They give us useful information to study user behavior, allowing us to improve the usability, content, and functionality of the website. 

We can more effectively customize our offers to fit your requirements and interests by using cookies. You can modify your browser settings to stop cookies from being used if you choose to reject them. 

Please be aware, though, that this could limit your access to specific features or personalized content and affect the site’s complete performance. Also kindly see our comprehensive Cookie Policy for additional details about how we use cookies.

8. Business Transfers

We work hard at BitcoinCasinos.com to give you a dependable and educational platform for learning about the world of online casinos and cryptocurrency gambling. 

We want to make sure you are aware of our policies involving business transfers and the security of your personal information as part of our commitment to transparency and user satisfaction. 

What you need to know is as follows:

Data Transfer in Business Transactions: Your personal information may be transferred as part of the assets if BitcoinCasinos.com changes ownership as a result of an acquisition, merger, or bankruptcy. 

This means that any information we gather from you may be given to the party or parties who acquire us and take over our business.

Ensuring Continuity and User Experience: Business transfers may take place for several reasons, such as improving service quality, extending reach, or restructuring operations. 

Whatever the circumstances, you can be sure that BitcoinCasinos.com will continue to treat any personal information sent with the same degree of care and security that you’ve come to expect.

Protecting Your Information: We wish to reassure you that, in the event of a business transfer, we will take all required precautions to protect and secure your data. 

Regardless of any changes in ownership or management, we remain unwavering in our commitment to protecting the privacy of your data.

Disclosure to Third-Party: Despite our best efforts, there may be instances where third parties are involved in the transfer of assets. 

In these cases, we will only release personal information in the ways described in our Privacy Policy. These third parties could be service providers for data storage, attorneys, and other organizations crucial to the business transfer procedure.

Your Consent Matters: Your continuing usage of BitcoinCasinos.com indicates that you are aware of this possibility and accept it. 

You agree to the probable transfer of your data as part of such transactions if you use our platform. We stress, however, that our dedication to upholding data security and privacy will never waiver.

Protecting Your Experience: We are transparent with you when discussing business transfers and will make sure that you are aware of how your data may be handled in the event of such changes. 

We reassure you that any steps taken will be consistent with our dedication to providing you with a safe and educational user experience.

9. Limits of Our Policy

While we work hard to protect your personal information, it’s important to understand that only the information collected and processed by BitcoinCasinos.com is covered by our privacy policy. Our website may contain links to other websites, each of which has its specific privacy policies and procedures. 

The content, procedures, or policies of these external websites are not our responsibility. Visitors are advised to carefully study the privacy policies of any external websites they may access via our platform to gain insight into how they collect, store, and use data.

By using our website, you agree that you have read and understand that our privacy statement only applies to BitcoinCasinos.com and that any other external websites with which you interact are subject to their privacy statements and terms of service.

10. Changes to This Policy

Periodically, we may revise or amend this privacy statement to reflect changes to our procedures or legal demands. Any updates to the policy will be noted on this page with a new effective date that will be displayed. 

To stay updated about how we safeguard and secure visitors’ personal information, we encourage them to check this page frequently. After any changes are made to this policy, if you continue to use BitcoinCasinos.com, it means you agree to the new terms.

11. Personal Information Register

Inspection of Your Personal Information 

BitcoinCasinos.com keeps a personal information register. Please contact our Data Protection Officer with any questions or requests about personal data.

This Privacy Statement has been specifically designed to safeguard your data and make our procedures clear. We value your trust and are dedicated to protecting your privacy.

Erasure of Personal Data

The Registered User has the choice to ask for the removal of their data, which would do away with it from our files. Individuals can start this procedure by contacting us and asking to have their data deleted.

Additionally, users may request to be removed from our mailing list by sending us their email address. Additionally, customers can immediately unsubscribe from our communications by clicking the given “unsubscribe” link.

Please feel free to get in touch with our Fair Bitcoin Casinos Data Controller (EU GDPR) and Data Protection Officer (EU GDPR) if you have any questions, clarification requests, or concerns about the protection and deletion of personal data. 

We place a high priority on protecting your privacy and the security of your data, and we are committed to answering any questions you may have.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Policy or wish to request, modify, or remove details of any personal information collected by this Site, please contact us using the details listed on our Contact Us page. If necessary, we may request identity verification through relevant information or documentation.

Tom Middleton

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