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We understand getting control over a gambling habit is hard, so having tools and information that allow you a bit of time and space to break the habit is vital.

We here at BitcoinCasinos examine the different self-exclusion programs offered in different states and investigate the resources offered by various organizations to assist individuals in making educated decisions and reclaiming control over their gambling activities.

Understanding Self-Exclusion

What Is Casino Self-Exclusion?

Casino self-exclusion serves as a potent tool in the battle against gambling. This measure grants individuals the ability to proactively restrict their access to gambling enterprises, including both physical locations and Internet platforms. 

The self-exclusion programs implemented by each state display distinct characteristics, spanning various aspects such as traditional casinos, internet platforms, or a combination of both, thereby providing comprehensive protection to individuals. 

Although not a cure-all, these programs offer a powerful instrument to mitigate impulsive gambling behaviors and take back control of your life.

Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Exclude

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to self-exclude yourself from gambling activities.

  1. Make the decision to self-exclude
  2. Identify gambling operators you want to self-exclude from
  3. Contact the operators
  4. Give your personal details
  5. Select a Self-Exclusion timeframe
  6. Confirmation and get help.

1. Make the Decision to Self-Exclude

The most important step to self-exclusion is coming to terms with how you feel about your gambling habits or activities. If you find yourself spending a lot of time gambling, focusing less on family and your loved ones, or stuck in financial difficulties due to gambling – it may be time to try self-exclusion.

Understandably, it will not be easy to make this decision when you’re grappling with your feelings towards your gambling activities. But remember that help is not far, self-exclusion is a great first step to joining schemes and programs that let you know you are not alone.

2. Identify Gambling Operators You Want to Self-exclude From

Next up you will identify the gambling platforms, operators, and activities you wish to self-exclude from. This can be land-based casinos, lotteries, online casinos, and more. You may also wish to self-exclude from multiple gambling platforms at once. This is where self-exclusion schemes come in.

Based on the state you are in, self-exclusion programs allow you to self-exclude from a list of casinos. These can be casinos operated by the same company, or all casinos and specific gambling events within a state.

3. Contact The Operators

You can then proceed to contact the gambling operators for the casinos and betting platforms you wish to self-exclude from. You can find the appropriate contact details in the “Responsible Gambling” sections of the operator’s websites.

Self-exclusion from multiple operators is also possible. For this, you would have to look into the different exclusion tools offered by Gamban, GamCare, and Gamblers Anonymous, to name a few. These helpful exclusion platforms allow you to self-exclude for lengthy periods and also work together with state-based exclusion schemes.

For some of the self-exclusion schemes, you would have to physically visit their office to get all the information, while others have websites that provide the forms and detailed guides.


4. Give Your Personal Details

When you contact the gambling operators or self-exclusion organizations, you will need to give your personal details and information. Even when accessing self-help online, forms are provided for you to fill out all necessary information.

5. Select a Self-Exclusion Timeframe

After you have provided your key information, you need to select the amount of time you want to be self-excluded. This is also known as the self-exclusion period. This can be anywhere from 6 months to over 5 years depending on the programs provided.

6. Wait for Confirmation and Get Help

Once you are done with the self-exclusion procedures, you will have to wait for confirmation. The self-exclusion program or gambling operator will confirm that you are self-excluded and have been successfully banned from partaking in gambling activities you applied for.

After successful self-exclusion, it is also important to seek help. Self-exclusion is a great first step, but if you wish to deal with the issue on a more permanent level, there are communities for you. You are not alone and can contact the national gambling helpline to start on your journey.

How to Self-Exclude from Gambling Platforms

Usually, two forms of self-exclusion are available to you. You can choose to self-exclude from multiple gambling websites, or one specific website.

To exclude from one operator, you just need to follow the process already stated in the previous section. This will involve finding the “Responsible Gambling” section on the casino’s online platform.

It is important to note that self-excluding from one casino with a parent company that controls several casinos may mean you will be excluded from all the other casinos from that operator. Here’s a small checklist for when you want to exclude from a specific gambling operator;

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Locate the Responsible Gambling section, this is where you’ll find the self-exclusion feature.
  3. Read carefully through the instructions and terms there.
  4. Reach out to customer care
  5. Provide necessary personal information
  6. Select your exclusion period
  7. Get confirmation.


In the case of multi-ban, different external software and programs offer self-exclusion schemes you can easily join.

Gamblers’ Anonymous

gamblers anonymous Gamblers’ Anonymous is a community of people that allows you to share your experience grappling with gambling habits with others. The platform lets you know that you are not alone, and offers forums, books, and chatrooms to speak to others.

You can also speak to counselors in meetings, and get direction to helpful self-exclusion programs within your state.



Gamban is available to you on all mobile devices and even desktops. Offering live technical support to subscribers. It involves a paid monthly or yearly subscription.

In many states, Gamban also works with the state councils for problem gambling to offer some free services that effectively ban you from all gambling activities within the state. This can include land-based casinos, horse-racing tracks, tribal casinos, state lotteries, online casinos, and more.



BetBlocker is a program similar to Gamban in most aspects. The key difference is that BetBlocker is a free tool. It also doesn’t take long to set up as there is no registration required. In this way, you can maintain complete anonymity while enjoying the features this software provides.

You can choose a time-limited block or restrict any of your devices altogether. With features like calendaring, that let you limit gambling to manage how often you bet.


It is imperative to bear in mind that the material presented above is not an all-encompassing compilation, and the accessibility of self-exclusion programs may differ across states. There can be substantial variations in both the level of limitation and the range of choices provided.

Self-exclusion schemes can prove to be an essential preliminary measure on the road to rehabilitation if you or someone you care about is facing gambling addiction.

State-regulated initiatives offer vital resources that enable individuals to regain control over their gambling behaviors and take necessary breaks when deemed necessary. You can learn more about safe and responsible gambling on BitcoinCasinos.

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