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Console Cash-in: The classic consoles worth the most cash

Liam Solomon

Video games have been around for decades, and have changed a lot since the first generations of Nintendos and Ataris, with new technology constantly enhancing the playing experience. However, older video games and consoles have that nostalgia factor that modern consoles haven’t achieved yet. This means retro gaming is still a huge business with rare games and consoles selling for huge amounts of money to collectors.

So how much could you make from that old console gathering dust in the loft?

Bitcoin Casinos have dived into the data to find out exactly how much your old console could be worth today, how much these prices have increased since their release, what they would have cost adjusted for inflation, and what they could be worth in the future.

The most expensive vintage consoles

bitcoincasinos.com Console Cash in 05 THE MOST EXPENSIVE

1. Game Boy                              Current price: $2,896.61

First introduced in 1989, this pocket-sized console revolutionized handheld gaming and sold more than 100 million units over its whopping 14-year production run. If you’re lucky enough to have held onto your childhood Game Boy, you could make some serious cash as mint condition in-box systems sell for an average of $2,896.61.

2. Vectrex                                   Current price: $2,483.50      

Up next is the Vectrex. The console had a built-in screen so didn’t need to be plugged into a TV and was the only home video game console ever released with a vector display, like the arcade games of the 70s and 80s. First introduced in the early 80s, a box-fresh Vectrex retails for an average of nearly $2,500, it is worth so much due to its rarity as not many were produced during its short production run.

3. Nintendo GameCube            Current price: $1,495.00

Taking third place is the Nintendo GameCube, with a current average price of nearly $1,500 for a model in mint condition. Despite mixed reviews at launch, the GameCube still managed to sell 21.74 million units and introduced the world to Luigi’s Mansion and Pikmin, as well as rereleasing the now colossal Animal Crossing.

The most expensive consoles adjusted for inflation

Thanks to inflation prices are rising all the time, and a dollar during the golden age of gaming had a lot more purchasing power than it does in this day and age. So we’ve taken into account the effect of price inflation on these consoles to find out just how much they would cost if they were released today.

bitcoincasinos.com Console Cash in 06 ADJUSTED FOR INFLATION

1. Intellivision                            $998.44 in 2023

Taking the top spot as the most expensive console when adjusted for inflation is the Intellivision, the original price of $275 would be worth nearly $1,000 in 2023. Developed by the toy company Mattel (best known for Barbie dolls) the Intellivision was launched to compete with the Atari 2600 and was the first 16-bit game console on the market.

2. Atari 2600                               $937.99 in 2023

Taking second place is the Atari 2600, also known as the Atari Video Computer System. It is worth just under $940 when adjusted for inflation. Becoming wildly popular after releasing a home version of Space Invaders, the console is one of the best-selling systems of all time shifting more than 30 million units over its 15-year lifespan.

3. PlayStation 3                         $741.99 in 2023

Originally retailing for $500 when it was released in 2006, the PlayStation 3 takes third place as it would cost $741.99 when adjusted for inflation. The PlayStation 3 was released to compete with the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 and was the first console to come equipped with a Blu-ray player, as Sony produced both PlayStation and Blu-ray. It also offered backward compatibility all the way back to the PS1 for its games.

The consoles with the biggest price increase

We’ve compared their price at launch to what these vintage consoles are worth in mint condition today to find out exactly how much they’ve increased or decreased in value over the years.

bitcoincasinos.com Console Cash in 07 BIGGEST PRICE INCREASE USD

1. Game Boy                             

Launch price: $90

Current price: $2,896.61

Percentage increase: 3118.81%

Taking the top spot is the Nintendo Game Boy, with the value of the iconic console increasing by a whopping 3118.81% since its launch price in 1989. Sealed in-box Game Boys can fetch a high price on the resale market thanks to their rarity, often fetching over $1000. However, the high value is only for rare unboxed and unused Gameboys, used models without the box, games, or other add-ons usually go for between $30 and $150 depending on the condition.

2. Nintendo GameCube           

Launch price: $199

Current price: $1,495

Percentage increase: 651.26%

In second place is the GameCube, with the value rising by more than 650% since its release just over 20 years ago. The console still remains popular with nostalgic Nintendo fans for its innovative features at the time, like superior graphics and compatibility with handheld Nintendo consoles.

3. Atari 2600                  

Launch price: $190

Current price: $1,150

Percentage increase: 505.42%

Up next is the Atari 2600 with the price for the classic console rising by more than 500% since its release in 1977. Whilst not being the earliest console, the Atari 2600 ushered in the era of home gaming and became an icon for Atari, earning it a place in console history.

The consoles with the biggest price decrease

bitcoincasinos.com Console Cash in 10 BIGGEST PRICE DECREASE USD

1. Xbox One                              

Launch price: $499

Current price: $195

Percentage decrease: 60.92%

Taking the top spot is the Xbox One, with mint condition models losing more than half their value. The successor to the Xbox 360 was first released in 2013 and has since gone out of production as Microsoft focuses on the Series X/S. The console proved unpopular with gamers, selling half as much as its competitor the PS4 thanks to a higher price and disappointing graphics.

2. Wii U  

Launch price: $299

Current price: $136.15

Percentage decrease: 54.46%

In second place is the Wii U, developed by Nintendo as a follow-on from the massively successful Wii. The console proved unpopular at launch with a lack of third-party games, giving it a bad reputation. This has led to an average decrease in price on the second-hand market of 54.46% even for mint condition models.

3. Xbox 360

Launch price: $299

Current price: $150.17

Percentage decrease: 49.78%

Up next is the second Xbox entry on the list, with resale prices dropping by nearly 50% since its launch in 2005. A mint condition 360 is currently worth $150, almost half the original list price of $299Discontinued in 2016 to make way for the Xbox One, the 360 is one of the best-selling consoles of all time and featured genre-defining exclusive games Fable 2 and Alan Wake.

The most valuable consoles in the future

bitcoincasinos.com Console Cash in 13 THE MOST VALUABLE

1. Game Boy                              Estimated value in 2028: $27,768.32

The Nintendo Gameboy will continue to be the most expensive console into 2028, costing an estimated $27,768.32 if current trends continue, as the console rises in value by an average of 191.73% every year. The value of this classic 8-bit handheld console will only increase as never opened models become harder to find and used models eventually break down beyond repair.

2. Nintendo GameCube            Estimated value in 2028: $9,687.79

Up next is another Nintendo console, the GameCube. As it didn’t sell well during its initial run, GameCube consoles, games, and peripherals are all harder to find and more expensive as a result. These prices will be pushed up even further as nostalgic collectors are old enough to have the disposable income to afford the console. If current trends continue, GameCubes will be worth an estimated $9,687.79 in five years.

3. Atari 2600                               Estimated value in 2028: $6,381.78

Taking third place is the Atari 2600. Despite being one of the most popular game consoles of its time, the Atari 2600 has fallen out of favor with the new generation of collectors who are personally nostalgic for fourth and fifth-generation consoles. This piece of gaming history will cost an estimated $631.78 if current trends continue.


  • Beginning with a list of home and handheld consoles taken from Wikipedia, the average current new price for each console according to Price Charting (as of 03/03/2023) was taken to find the most expensive consoles in 2023.
  • The launch price of each console was taken from Wikipedia and list articles.
  • The prices adjusted for inflation were calculated using The US Inflation Calculator, The Bank of England Inflation Calculator, and the Euro Inflation Calculator.
  • The percentage change was calculated by comparing the price at launch and the current new price.
  • The estimated value in 2028 was calculated by dividing the percentage change by the number of years since its release to find an average annual increase and multiplying this by five.
  • Currencies were converted on 03/03/2023 using com

Note: for some consoles price data in Euros was not available, so the price in Deutschmarks was taken and converted into its current value in Euros using the Calculator for German Family Law.

Liam Solomon

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