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Sic Bo is a casino dice game which has roots in Asia and can now be found in casinos all around the world. You are betting on the outcome of 3 dice, and can choose from a wide range of simple and complex bets. You can now find Sic Bo games at Bitcoin casinos. These have the added advantage of being anonymous, with no transaction fees. Bitcoin casinos can be accessed from any geographic location too.

This guide to Bitcoin Sic Bo takes you through all you need to get started with this popular game. First of all, the advantages of choosing Bitcoin Sic Bo, rather than the cash equivalents are discussed. After that, you will find a guide to getting started with Bitcoin play online for the beginner. Getting the most from the Sic Bo tables is the subject of the last part of this guide.

Best Sites to Play Sic Bo for Bitcoin

If you’re looking to play Sic Bo online, then take a look at our list of the top casinos that offer the game.

Differences Between Bitcoin and Regular Sic Bo

When you play at mainstream casinos, you’ll be faced with Id checks, transaction fees and geo-location restrictions too. By playing Sic Bo at Bitcoin casinos instead, you’ll avoid all of these annoyances.

Bitcoin casinos are anonymous. You can sign up with only an e-mail address, and will not be asked for any back-up id – even when it comes to time to withdraw your profits. You will be asked to agree to terms which state that players are responsible for checking the legality of gambling in their jurisdiction. However there are not the geographical restrictions that other casinos face. This is great news for US players, who can avoid the banking restrictions by playing in Bitcoin.

It is the US banking restrictions which are behind some of the high fees that casinos charge to deposit with credit cards or money transfers. Bitcoin transactions are free, which saves those 5% deposit charges and withdrawal costs of up to $50. This also means that Bitcoin casinos are able to offer their players games with lower house-edges.

The final major advantage of choosing Bitcoin casinos for your Sic Bo games is the focus on game fairness at Bitcoin casinos. Information in the form of server strings are provided that can be used after each roll to demonstrate that this was truly random. Even if you choose not to verify this yourself, the knowledge that the casinos are open with this information can give you peace of mind.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Sic Bo

This section contains a quick overview of how to get started with Bitcoin Sic Bo, for players who have yet to experience gambling in crypto-currency. There are 3 steps, each of which is straight forward enough.

First you need to purchase some Bitcoin. This does not need to be a whole one – you can buy this currency in units of 0.01%, known as mBTC. There are several websites which allow you to buy BTC and set up a wallet which you’ll need to hold them. Big name brands include CoinBase and BTC-E. You can buy the coins via a bank transfer and several other payment options.

You will also need to find a Bitcoin casino with Sic Bo and register your account. This will be very fast, and no name or personal information will be required – just an e-mail address. You will be able to take advantage of bonus offers on your first deposit too.

The last step is to deposit. Your casino will give you a ‘receiver id’ when you click the deposit button. This is a long string of letters and numbers. You’ll need to go to your Bitcoin wallet and send money to this id from there by pasting this string. Transactions are usually very fast, and you’ll be playing Sic Bo in no time at all.

Getting the best from Bitcoin Sic Bo Games

It can pay to take a moment to compare the bonus offers at different Bitcoin casinos before you sign-up. While the headline deals look very similar, the wagering requirements can vary a lot. In addition, many casinos give different games weightings for this wagering, with Sic Bo often counting at different rates. It can also be worth checking the ongoing promotions and bonuses to make sure you will be well looked after for future deposits.

For the game itself, it is worth keeping a close eye on the house edge for each bet. While the Big and Small bets have a small house edge (particularly at Bitcoin Casinos), some of the higher odds bets have huge edges in favour of the house. If you are betting on ‘any triple’, or specific doubles, you could easily be giving up 10% or more each time you roll. This is a very poor return compared to other casino games – and does not make up for the lower transaction fees you’ll enjoy by playing Sic Bo for Bitcoin.

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