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Adin Ross ‘Announces’ Surprise Retirement From Streaming At Age 23

Ben Horlock

Adin Ross has ‘announced’ his surprise retirement from online streaming at the age of 23. His decision to step away from the limelight has shocked his army of loyal followers. 

However, close friend and fellow Kick streamer SweaterGxd has since come out and confirmed Ross’ statement was in fact made by trolls. On April 17, the post was uploaded on to social media which indicated that Ross was set to retire.

Adin Ross Retirement

Adin Ross retirement is quickly becoming one of the most searched terms across social media platforms. Fans are desperately trying to determine its validity.

At the time of publication, Ross is yet to confirm whether trolls were responsible for the statement that was uploaded. Nonetheless, it’ll likely be just a matter of time before he speaks up.

Ross is one of the co-founders of Kick and has approximately 1.2 million followers. It is understood he has a net worth of $16-24Million.

Since joining Kick in April 2023, Ross has become one of the platform’s biggest and most watched stars. He has collaborated with the likes of Drake and LeBron James.

Ross penned a lucrative contract to join Kick from Twitch. This in itself makes his retirement all the more surprising but if it is true, he’ll surely have more ventures lined up.

Last month, Ross admitted to huge gambling losses which totalled over $40m in cryptocurrency. Many suspect that this, coupled with Ross’ own well-being, are plausible reasons to step back from streaming.

For now, Ross’ plethora of loyal fans and followers will be eagerly awaiting updates about the authenticity of his statement.

Being a multi-millionaire at the age of 23 certainly would add temptations to throw the towel in. However, someone so young and talented will almost certainly know how vast his net worth could become if he stays doing what he does best.

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Ben Horlock
Ben Horlock

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