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At BitcoinCasinos, we use cookies to offer you the best possible experience. The cookies are part of the BitcoinCasino’s privacy policy, with the information related to our website’s use of cookies and your device. 

Similarly, you’ll get basic information about the cookies policy of the third-party providers we work with. Some of these providers may use cookies as part of their services – and they are not covered by our privacy policy.  Though there currently are no federal cookie laws in the US, it is within your legal right to accept or reject cookies from our website. 

When you allow cookies, you give our site and external service providers permission to track your personal data. However, when you choose not to accept cookies from us by instructing your browser to reject cookies from our site, you limit our access to your data or history. 

For instance, a cookie rejection hinders us or our third-party service providers from monitoring your online activities or tracking your data. But this comes with the understanding that you may not get some of your desired content or an improved experience from us. 

Website Cookies – What are They?

A cookie (or internet cookie) is a small piece of data that a website uses to identify your computer after you visit it. The website stores cookies on your device using text files containing the website information and a unique identifier to recognize your browser.

At their core, websites use cookies for certain features, including logging in to an existing account, tracking your website usage for analytics purposes, storing your personal settings –  including notification preferences and preferred time zone – and personalize your content. 

For instance, when you visit a website for the first time, the site sets “first-party cookies” to track your activities. At the same time, other sites they work with can set “third-party” cookies to track your activities on additional websites using the same service providers.

Cookies can inform a site how much time you spend on a page, and they can improve their web traffic or help improve your browsing experience. 

In other words, you can liken a cookie to your device’s ID stored on a website’s database so that when you revisit a website, your device can inform the browser which cookie you have stored on the site. 

For instance, when you ask a site to remember your username and password after creating an account, the website saves the information in a cookie. That way, you dont have to input the information every time you visit the website. 

It’s important to note that cookies are typical on most websites, so they are not peculiar to bitcoincasinos.com. Also, they do not harm your computer, but they can result in unsolicited targeted ads, and you may not be able to control the types of cookies a website has. 

Types of Cookies and How We Use Them 

Cookies store different data and perform diverse tasks on websites. Below are the cookies we use at Bitcoincasinos.com and how they function. 

Essential Cookies 

As the name implies, essential cookies are mandatory or strictly necessary cookies that a website needs to function properly. The cookies are present on every website and are used to facilitate data transmission over a network. 

Some essential cookies enable a website’s core features, including logging in, filling registration forms, remembering a user session, payment processing, or the user’s account used to access the website. 

For example, it’s an essential cookie that remembers your saved debit/credit cards for transactions and the items you save in a shopping cart to clear later. 

Functionality Cookies 

When you set preferences like a username, geo-location, and preferred languages on a website, they are stored using functionality cookies. These can help the website provide personalized content like local news, weather reports, and other location-based information. 

These cookies are anonymous and will not monitor your browsing activities on other websites, and they often include services you request. Similarly, they are used to improve your experience by showing you what you like. 

Performance cookies can include first-party (core website) cookies or third-party (external website) cookies. 

However, functionality cookies are not necessary for the site to work since they only remember essential information and user preferences. Similarly, you will only receive personalized content from our site if you opt in or consent to its cookie-tracking feature.  

Performance Cookies 

Websites use performance cookies to gather data related to your behavior when using them. The stored information include the websites you visit the most, error messages you get when browsing, and other information related to the website’s performance when you use it. 

Performance cookies do not collect your personal information. Instead, they help website owners get actionable data on how to identify and diagnose errors to improve the website’s performance. 

For example, a performance cookie can help a website owner know its bounce rate, load speed, and a user’s idle time to find areas that need improvements. The cookies are primarily first-party.

However, in some cases, third parties may also place performance cookies through the primary website to determine where to place their ads on the primary website and study user behavior. We use functionality cookies for some of our website’s features. 

Targeting/Advertising Cookies 

Targeting and advertising cookies are used by websites to collect information from your device that will help them determine ads that are relevant to you. When you get targeted ads from a site, it’s because it knows the goods and services that interest you via these cookies. 

Usually, advertisers or third parties place these cookies on a website based on its permissions, and the cookie gathers your information to share with them. The advertisers use the cookies to measure their ads performance and build your user profile to know what works. 

The cookies are persistent cookies from third-party sites, and they monitor your actions across multiple websites. You’ll find some targeting/advertising cookies on our website. 

What Information Do We Collect from Customers? 

In line with our data privacy policy, we collect user information based on Standard Internet Practices. When you visit our website, the information we collect include the following:

  • Your IP address
  • Browser type and operating system
  • Referring web pages (pages before and after your visit)
  • Site pages visited
  • Duration of visit
  • Date and time you accessed our site

In other words, we do not store personal information until you voluntarily provide such on our website through email, sign-ups, applications, and other channels. These include your name, address, email address, and other personal information. 

Note that we may share your non-personal information with third-party platforms to provide you with streamlined, relevant products and services. 

We also reserve the right to share our customers’ personal information with internal and external stakeholders to improve your browsing experience when using our site. Similarly, we may disclose information to certain legal bodies and government agencies as required by law. 

Overall, all information we collect from you are processed to;

  • Provide you with a more personalized experience,
  • Process requests or inquiries,
  • Provide visitor support services,
  • Market premium services or products,
  • Improve site content 
  • Provide notifications and updates to you

What are Third-Party Cookies on our website?

We work with third-party individuals and organizations that have cookies on our website. For instance, we have analytics and content partners that can access certain information and execute various marketing tasks on our behalf. 

At the same time, these external individuals and agencies can place third-party cookies on our website to deliver their services. Note that we have no control over third-party cookies, and their policies are not covered by our cookie or privacy policy. 

So, with third-party cookies, they can track your activities on our website and other websites they operate on. 

Examples of Third-Party Cookies on Our Site 

Some of the third-party cookies you’ll find on our website include social media plugins that enable us to share content with other platforms. These include Facebook, Google+, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Analytics, and others. 

These platforms have their own cookies that are operational on our website, and we have no control over their privacy settings or the extent of their authority on your data. 

In essence, we can categorically state that the third-party platforms with cookies on our websites have unique privacy policies that we do not feature in ours. 

For instance, to understand Google’s cookie privacy policies for their products like YouTube, Google Analytics, Google+, and Google Maps, you can read more about how Google uses cookies. 

Our Third-Party Cookie Privacy Assurance 

To ensure players get the best possible experience while using our website, our team reviews the individual privacy policies of all our third-party service providers before adding them to our website. 

By doing so, we can ascertain if their practices align with ours before granting them access to our site. Note that we will never grant access to third-party providers with policies that compromise or violate our in-house privacy policy aimed at protecting our users. 

How to Manage or Remove Active Cookies 

As stated earlier, you have the right to reject all cookies from us besides the essential cookies that our website needs to function. You can choose not to accept cookies from us by instructing your browser to reject cookies when you visit our website. 

In other words, you must change your browser settings to ensure it won’t accept our cookies. This is because most browsers automatically accept cookies. So, the settings will configure your browser to notify you about a browser’s cookies or decline them automatically. 

If you access websites on multiple devices, ensure you update the cookies setting on each device’s browser. However, it’s important to note that when you block a website’s cookies, you may not get the maximum user experience.

Don’t hesitate to Contact Us

Ultimately, when you use our site, you agree with our cookie and privacy policy. You also accept that you understand our terms and conditions regarding the website use, including how we may collect and use your data. 

We recommend that you read and fully understand our terms and conditions before using our website. You may also prevent your browser from automatically accepting cookies in the settings before your first visit to our site. 

If you have any questions regarding our cookie policy at BitcoinCasinos.com or want to modify or remove any personal information stored on our website, please contact us via our Contact Us page. 

Note that we may request you to undergo identity verification by submitting relevant information and documents to verify the information provided during your request.

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