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What is a bonus hunting guide? When you register at a casino, you’ll find various bonus offers, including a welcome bonus for new players and other promotions for existing players. These bonuses are there for taking because casinos use them to encourage players like you to play on their betting sites.

Since there are many betting bonuses around, you should combine the best offers. This is possible through bonus hunting. With bonus hunting, you can maximize offers from various gambling platforms instead of just sticking to one casino. 

Our bonus hunting guide explains all you need to know about the process and how to hunt bonuses to maximize the best offers across different online gambling platforms instead of limiting your opportunities at one online betting site. 

What is Bonus Hunting?

Mega Dice bonuses


The bonus hunting process is continuous, as it involves looking for either deposit or no-deposit bonuses to boost your bankroll and increase your winning chances when playing your favourite crypto gambling games.

However, bonus hunting has evolved and is now more complex, unlike in the past. Let’s see how it used to work and what it is like today in the next section. 

Bonus Hunting in the Past – What Was it Like?

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Lucky block bonus hunting guide

As stated earlier, bonus hunting was relatively easy before the massive boom in the online gambling industry. At the time, casinos had huge bonuses, low wagering requirements, and limited game restrictions. 

So, it was easy to use bonuses on a wide range of games, complete the rollover requirements, and cash out profits. 

For example, if you registered at a casino and got a deposit match bonus of $100 with a 20x wagering requirement, you can play slot games with a 98% RTP. That means the casino has a 2% house edge, which is low – and your chances of losing would be just 2% on every bet. 

Ultimately, you would expect returns worth $100 * (100% – 20 * 2%) = $60. That means the expected value of the bonus would be $60. Unfortunately, things are not the same anymore – they are more difficult now. Let’s see how the current bonus hunting system works below. 

Bonus Hunting in the Past – Profitable Offers  

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Bonus hunting peaked between the years 2000 – 2006. During this period, iGaming was new, and most gamblers played games at brick-and-mortar casinos. Similarly, many casino managers were not conversant with the early gambling formulas. 

Because of this, early online gaming sites had high bonuses with low wagering requirements and no game restrictions. The typical offer at most casinos then was a 200% deposit match bonus with a 20x wagering requirement. 

At the time, the bonus hunters leveraged the positive expected value of the bonus when playing selected games. The calculation formula was:

Expected Value = 100% – (Wagering requirement * house edge)

So, if your bonus is $100 and you play a table game (like Poker or Blackjack) with a house edge of 1%, you can statistically expect to lose 1% of your bet with every game you play. In other words, when you roll over your money the expected 20 times, you can expect

100% – (20 * 1%) = 80% of your money 

Using the same formula, playing a slot game with 97% RTP and the same wagering requirement will offer you an average of 40% of your initial bankroll. That was how simple the strategy was at the time. 

All players had to do was:

  • Find a casino bonus and a contributing game with a positive expected value (or high RTP).
  • Play multiple bets to meet the casino’s wagering requirement. 
  • Redeem your profit after playing.

What Measures Did Casinos Take to Counter Past Bonus Hunting

bonuses on Fairspin

Over time, casinos began to notice a playing pattern among players. At the time, many players would play small bets on table games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat because they offered high RTPs – and a significant positive expected value. 

It took a while for casinos to notice the pattern due to two likely reasons. 

  1. Their businesses were thriving and making profits, so they didn’t want to lower their bonus to easily compete with other casinos.
  2. Casinos (which were small businesses at the time) did not mind parting away with money at the time because they were making enough.

But at the end of the day, casinos decided to put some countermeasures in place to reduce players’ expected bonus value. These measures make up the numerous bonus terms and conditions today. These include:

  • The reduction of wagering requirement contributions for games with high RTPs. For instance, blackjack games have high payouts, so they contribute a small percentage (like 5%) or nothing to bonus wagering requirements at online casinos. 
  • Casinos increased their general wagering requirements for bonuses. For instance, you’ll find standalone bonuses with a 40x rollover requirement and deposit match bonuses with more than 25x play through requirements. 
  • Casinos abolished low-risk bets like spreading bets across an entire roulette wheel.

With all these measures, players couldn’t win big money as they ordinarily would, as casinos aimed to make more profits. 

Modern Bonus Hunting – What is it Like Now?

welcome bonus on Metaspins

Hunting bonuses nowadays is a different ball game because casinos have adopted stricter measures to reduce players’ winning possibilities. You can hardly find casino bonuses that you can clear quickly and make a decent profit from. 

Nonetheless, casino bonuses remain a viable way of making money on online casino and sports betting sites. It’s only more complicated because it is based on high volatility and requires a big bankroll or wagering power. 

So, not everyone can convert casino bonuses to profits using the modern bonus-hunting system because you must be willing to spend time and money. At the same time, you must have a high appetite for risk and understand that losing is part of the process. 

How to Hunt Bonuses Nowadays – Step-by-Step Guide 

Good bonuses

Before playing games with real money, it’s best to first consider hunting the available bonuses to enjoy various benefits. Follow the steps below to hunt bonuses on your preferred betting sites. 

  1. Find the best online casinos and their betting bonuses on review sites like BitcoinCasinos.
  2. Filter the available bonuses and find the best offers using metrics like the wagering requirements. 
  3. Read and understand each bonus’s terms and conditions to know how they work.
  4. Register at the most preferred betting site and claim the new customer offer.
  5. Make a qualifying deposit and play games with high variance, contributing to your wagering requirement. 
  6. Continue playing aggressively until you hit a big win.
  7. Meet the bonus conditions, including rollover requirements and instant withdraw your bonus winnings. 

Though the steps above look positive, it’s important to note that things can go the other way very quickly. While playing games, you can lose all your money. If that happens, the bonus is gone, and the alternative is to find other casinos with decent bonuses. 

Similarly, this is a more than one-off strategy. You must repeat it many times to make a profit. Overall, luck plays a big part in how your gameplay turns out. So, you may be lucky and hit the jackpot instantly. On the other hand, you can be unlucky and have a losing streak. 

Whatever the case, your best bet is to continue using bonuses at casinos with this strategy to improve your chances of profitability. 

Bonus Hunting Using No Deposit Bonuses and Freebies 

no deposit start bonus

Besides the usual new player sign-up offers at online casinos, you can make money with no deposit bonuses and other freebies. A no-deposit bonus doesn’t require an initial deposit. So, you don’t have to commit your own funds before using the bonus. 

Similarly, some casinos offer freebies like no-deposit free spins that you can use to play games for free and win real money. However, the potential returns from no-deposit bonuses are minimal compared to deposit match bonuses. 

But since they don’t cost you anything, making a few extra bucks without an upfront investment doesn’t hurt anyone. 

With that said, you now have a basic overview of bonus hunting and what it is like for the average gambler today. Now, let’s dive deeper into how it really works and the art of bonus hunting using freebies and no-deposit bonuses. 

The Current Reality

With more insights on how to make money from online casinos among bonus hunters, casino operators became aware of the old players’ strategy. To counter the strategy, casino operators have now made it extremely difficult to find a bonus with a positive expected value. 

As a matter of fact, the best online casino bonuses today have an expected value close to 0. Because of the difficulty level, you’ll hit the ground and be left with no money before meeting the required number of spins – no matter how high the games’ RTPs are. 

In other words, the bonus-hunting strategy that leverages positive expected value is now gone for good. Not to worry, though. There are still two good options for hunting for bonuses in online casinos. These are through no-deposit bonuses and freebies – as earlier mentioned. 

How Does Bonus Hunting Work Nowadays?

We mentioned earlier that bonus hunting today still works. However, it’s not for the average player because it requires a massive bankroll. Before we delve into the details of how it works, it’s important to note that this strategy is riskier and more demanding. 

Now, let’s see how it works. 

If you deposit $100 at a casino offering a 100% bonus, you’ll get a combined $200 to play games with. If the wagering requirement is 40x, you must play bets worth $200*40 = $8000. The plan is to play aggressively until you multiply the bonus money or lose all of it. 

If you are able to win a decent number of games, you will have enough money in your bankroll to meet the expected wagering requirement. However, while it sounds like the perfect moneymaker, there are potential downsides to know. We reveal them below.

Hunting No Deposit Bonuses and Freebies 

mega dice welcome bonus

Though bonus hunting has changed from what it used to be, you can still gather bonuses from online casinos through freebies and no-deposit bonuses. This process is less about bonus hunting than bonus grabbing from various gambling sites. 

But since they are not direct deposit bonuses, you shouldn’t expect to stack up a massive reward chest from freebies. For instance, you can get a small no-deposit bonus when you register at a casino. Usually, the bonus is in the form of free spins and bonus cash. 

Interestingly, you can play games with these bonuses and win real money – although in limited amounts. The gag is to combine freebies and no-deposit bonuses at multiple casinos, and if you’re lucky, you can stack up a few hundred bucks. 

However, it’s important to note that not all casinos offer no-deposit bonuses. In fact, you won’t find such bonuses on most of the best Bitcoin casino sites and online sportsbooks. At the same time, the freebies have their unique terms and conditions.

These include wagering requirements, contributing games and their percentages, and wagering periods. We recommend that you read and understand these terms and conditions before opting for a no-deposit bonus at online casinos. 

At the same time, your location can limit your access to no-deposit bonuses. For instance, if you live in a country known for bonus abuse, you will likely not find no-deposit bonuses for players in your region. 

So, how do you collect no-deposit bonuses at online gambling sites? We touch on this below. 

How to Use No Deposit Bonuses at Casinos 

lucky block welcome bonus

As stated earlier, not all casinos offer no-deposit bonuses. The first thing to do when considering playing with no-deposit bonuses is to find casinos offering them to their new players. 

After finding the perfect casino for you, register using the required information, including your email address and phone number. In some cases, the casinos may require you to verify your identity. 

The identity verification process is part of the operator’s mandatory KYC, so you must submit a valid means of ID or other identity documents. That way, casinos can avoid giving bonuses to the same players over again. 

However, if the casino doesn’t require KYC, like at Lucky Block, don’t create more than one account at a casino. Doing so can prevent you from getting bonuses or withdrawing your winnings. 

After signing up and completing KYC, you can claim the no-deposit bonus offer. Usually, the offer will be displayed on your dashboard or the casino’s landing page. But you may need to use a no-deposit bonus code to activate the offer at some casinos. 

Now, how do you use the no-deposit bonus after claiming it?

Step 1: Spin the preset bet size and find out your prize. You’ll most likely end up with a free cash bonus. Notably, you don’t have many options here. You can only work with the casino’s predetermined prize options. 

Step 2: Read the bonus terms and conditions to understand the wagering requirements, maximum possible win amount, maximum bet, and the maximum possible cash-out amount. These will help you devise a strategy to make the most of the bonus. 

Step 3: Decide your playing strategy. An aggressive strategy involves betting high with few spins. So, you either win good money or lose quickly, while a lower aggressive strategy involves betting with small amounts to accumulate small wins. 

It’s important to note that there are no winning guarantees, no matter the playing strategy you choose. So, the key is playing to your strengths and finding a balance. Don’t be too offensive or defensive. 

Disadvantages of Modern Bonus Hunting 

Saturday freespins bonus on Vave

Truly, the modern hunting strategy sounds good on paper. However, like every other strategy, there are potential problems you may encounter. We highlight them below.

It’s a Game of luck

At its core, bonus hunting is a luck game. With a low house edge (like in 3 card poker), you are at an advantage. However, you can be unlucky. Let’s look at it realistically: the chances of playing games 40 times and having all wins are zero. You have less than a 5% chance of achieving this. 

For context, you can have an unlucky losing streak of 50 games or more with no wins, which is why we recommend having a big bankroll before hunting bonuses. At the same time, you must be willing to accept that it’s a game of high risks and rewards. 

But if you get it right, you can roll over your bonus and make a few hundred or even thousands of dollars. However, if you run out of bonuses while playing, there are many other casinos you can opt for. 

Based on our research, you should have an amount from $20,000 to have a high winning shot. With that kind of amount, your chance of failure is significantly low. You can also play for lower bonuses and select games to gradually improve your bankroll. 

Some Casinos Void Bonus Hunting Wins 

Another significant con of bonus hunting is that some casinos have clauses that prevent them from paying players who hunt bonuses. Imagine bonus hunting and losing a significant amount at one casino, switching to a new casino and making $5,000 at the new spot.  

welcome bonus at Cloudbet

You’ll most likely be happy, and if you didn’t break any casino bonus rule, you’ll most likely get your winnings. However, this isn’t the case every time because some casino operators may notice your betting pattern and detect that you’re bonus hunting. 

Because of this, many online betting sites have an “Irregular Play” clause indicating they want to eliminate bonus hunters on their betting platforms. For instance, you may see a statement like;

“If we notice any kind of irregular play with bonus, we reserve the right to void the bonus.”

In other words, casinos discourage bonus hunters with the clause. And the best way to hide your tracks is to avoid making a sudden change in your game style. Otherwise, the casino may have a good reason to void your game and not pay you. 

For instance, instead of reducing your bet size after a big win, it may be better to maintain the same bet and a decent consistency level. However, if maintaining the same bet amount will make you go bankrupt, you can make a minor tweak to avoid being flagged. 

You should also avoid small, non-reputable casinos with limited revenues, as they may find legalities to void your bonus hunting wins. 

You Need Strong Skills

Another downside to bonus hunting in modern casinos is that it requires strong skills. To be successful with high-variance bonus hunting, you must go through a deep learning curve. Some of the things you should be able to do include:

  • Reading and understanding the bonus terms and conditions of different casinos 
  • Contacting casino support to clarify confusing conditions
  • Developing a betting strategy and choosing the best bonus offer for it
  • Assessing a casino’s features, including bonuses and security, to decide if it’s worth your time

Overall, you need to know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, and these factors depend on your strong gambling knowledge. 

It is Time-Consuming 

From the deep learning curve to rolling over games for hundreds of hours, bonus hunting is time-consuming. Even if you have the necessary knowledge, you can’t but play games multiple times daily to meet the wagering period and requirements. 

In other words, you must decide if being a bonus hunter is worth it on an individual level by comparing the pros and cons and weighing your potential returns. 

Few Casinos Offer Good Bonuses 

Finally, the best online casinos in terms of bonuses are Bitcoin gambling sites like Lucky Block & Mega Dice. They are restricted in some countries but you can access them via VPN. Unlike traditional casinos, crypto casinos have the most generous bonus for new and existing players. 

In other words, players’ casino choices are limited, as offshore casino sites are not licensed in many countries. 

Tips and Tricks to Maximize High Volatility Bonus Hunting 

Monday reload bonus on Lucky block

We already covered all there is to know when making a bonus hunting strategy. Read our full bonus hunting guide to find out. All the same, you should bear in mind that a few conditions should influence your decision. These include the bonus terms and conditions and the most suitable games to improve your winning chances. 

Bonus Hunting Terms and Conditions

Bonus terms and conditions vary from one casino to another. However, there are standard rules to look out for before hunting bonuses at online casinos. We highlight these terms and conditions from the most important to the least. 

Is the Bonus Part of a Deposit?

Since casinos offer different bonuses, the first condition to look out for is whether the bonus and your initial deposit are connected. You can play with no restrictions if the bonus isn’t connected to your deposit. 

Similarly, some casinos give you the freedom to forfeit them and withdraw your wins, while others offer more playing chances. 

On top of that, a bonus that is not connected to a deposit has no bet or game restrictions, and you don’t need to increase your bankroll aggressively because you don’t need additional money to meet the wagering requirement. 

In other words, you can play medium variance slots with high RTPs and withdraw winnings as you progress. If the bonus is connected to a deposit, you can look out for the other terms and conditions below. 

The Bonus Percentage

The bonus size or percentage determines how much buffer you have for your wager. When you get the bonus, you earn more money –  and lose money for your spins. Similarly, the bonus percentage determines how profitable the bonus is. 

For instance, a bonus below 25% will not often yield profits, while bonuses from 25% to 90% offer more profitability. 

Bet and Game Restrictions 

Betting limits are some of the restrictions most casinos place on their bonuses. These restrictions limit the use of bonus betting strategies among players. The typical limits you’ll find at casinos include:

  • Maximal bet restriction that prevents you from playing with high volatility 
  • Maximal double-up bet that doesn’t allow you to double up your win until you lose a bet or get a massive win 
  • Maximal bet per line that hinders you from increasing game volatility by switching to 1 line.

On the other hand, game restrictions don’t allow you to use your bonus on the most volatile slots or table games like Blackjack that offer high RTPs. 

Wagering Requirements

Finally, you should pay attention to the bonus wagering requirements. Though they are not as important as the other terms and conditions when it comes to high-volatility bonuses, they still slightly determine your winning outcomes. 

How to Determine the Best Games for High-Volatility Hunting 

Mega Dice casino games

When hunting bonuses, your goal is to find game options that offer strong statistical profitability and a decent amount of risk. Without taking risks, you cannot increase your winnings. Similarly, you don’t want to play with extreme volatility, so you need a balance. 

In other words, you want to estimate the volatility of the casino’s slot games and find out their RTPs. This is an easy process as the slots’ software providers state the RTP for their games. 

In addition, you should check the pay table to determine the full line of high variance and medium variance slots. For instance, a full line in high variance slots often pays around 4,000, while a full line in medium variance slots often pays around 500. 

Another thing is to get familiar with the rules and special features. These include information like the maximum win for one spin. 

For instance, the maximum win for low variance slots is usually 250x the bet or less, medium variance slots offer 500x the bet, and high variance slots offer 2000x the bet or more. After all is said and done, play as many times as you can in demo mode to get more familiar. 

Record the statistics during demo play to infuse them into your strategy when playing with real money. 

Additionally, you can increase your volatility without pushing it to the extreme using the tips below. 

  • Double-up/gamble 

Some slots allow you to double your win or lose it all in a 50:50 ratio. You can regulate your slot game volatility with this feature. All you have to do is double your wager until you win high or lose your bet. 

And since you’re spreading it at a 50:50 rate, you are not particularly losing anything if your bets fail. However, while this feature can help you reach a bonus conversion close to the game RTP, you don’t want to abuse it, as it will raise suspicion. 

If the operator notices, your bonus can be voided. 

  • Change the number of winning lines to 1 

Another way of boosting your volatility is to hit a winning combination only on 1 line instead of multiple winning lines. For instance, instead of playing a slot game with 20 winning lines, you can combine on a line and place your bets. 

That means a win from one line can offer you high returns or reduce your losses instead of spreading your coins across multiple lines. For instance, if you lose a bet of 5 coins on one line, that’s all the coins you lose. 

On the other hand, placing a bet with 10 coins on multiple lines will result in you losing 5 extra coins. So, you either hit a winning combination in one place or not. As usual, ensure not to abuse this strategy, as some operators are aware of it. 

  • Take lower bonus options

Less is more sometimes in gambling. So, if the casino has a maximum bet limit, you can boost your volatility by reducing your bonus size. So, if you take a lower bonus in this case, you’ll likely have more profitable returns – all things being equal. 

Final Thoughts


In this guide, we’ve thoroughly gone through bonus hunting and how the modern casino player can take advantage of the strategy. While hunting bonuses used to be more accessible in the early days of online casinos, hunting nowadays requires more volatility. 

In essence, the modern bonus-hunting process isn’t for everyone, as you need a high bankroll to sustain yourself, or you’ll run out of funds. Similarly, it requires a strong knowledge of casinos’ terms and conditions, including wagering requirements and other terms. 

You can employ our tips and tricks to maximize your bonus hunting opportunities. However, remember not to abuse any strategy, as casino operators are aware, and they may void your bonuses if you break any bonus rule. 

Bonus Hunting FAQs

Is bonus hunting profitable?

Yes, bonus hunting can be rewarding in many cases. However, things may also go the other way. So, you need good gambling skills, adequate time, and a high bankroll to have a profitable bonus hunting experience.

How do I know a good bonus?

There are many ways to identify a good casino bonus. First, it should have a high expected win. It should also have decent wagering requirements, and the wagering period should be fair for players.

Is bonus hunting legal?

There is nothing illegal about hunting bonuses at online casinos. However, most casinos strongly frown at it, so they exclude games with high volatility from the bonus options. However, you should never open more than one account to hunt bonuses.


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