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Adin Ross Confesses To Huge Crypto Gambling Losses Totalling $40Million

Ben Horlock

Popular Kick streamer Adin Ross has admitted he has lost over $40Million in cryptocurrency due to his gambling activities.

Adin Ross Crypto Gambling Losses

During a recent stream on Kick.com, Adin Ross confessed to the huge losses to his army of loyal fans and followers. Ross even got fellow streamers to calculate his deficit for him.

It is understood that Ross has lost 29 Bitcoin, 701,000 USDC coins, 12,979 Ethereum, 201,000 USD Tether, 550 Litecoins and 144,000 Dogecoins. The exact total is reported to be $43.67m.

Naturally, Ross is a keen gambler and prefers to use cryptocurrency. With that said, he has often been involved in high stakes betting in Las Vegas with the likes of Dana White.

Kick Streamer Adin Ross

Many will remember Adin Ross as a hugely successful Twitch streamer. His main area of focus was in gaming – where he used to stream titles such as Minecraft, NBA 2K23, Roblox and Grand Theft Auto Online.

However, in February 2023, Ross announced he was permanently moving away from Twitch to join Kick. He had an estimated 7.2m followers before the switch.

Since joining Kick, Ross’ career has continued to flourish. He was paid an undisclosed amount to join and is now a co-owner. Ross hashas ties to crypto gambling platform stake.com.

Adin Ross Net Worth

Born in Boca Raton, Florida in October 2000, Adin Ross has an estimated net worth of $16m. Although, various other reports suggest it’s between $20-24m.

Ross certainly has a fine business portfolio. His gaming and online activities are what put him in the spotlight, but he also has real estate ventures. Furthermore, he has a successful clothing line and is very much involved in the cryptocurrency market.

The Kick streamer has also collaborated with a number of celebrities. The reports of his crypto gambling losses will likely be a small blemish on his ever-growing empire.

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Ben Horlock
Ben Horlock

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