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Ed Craven’s Father Buys Nathan Tinkler’s $16Million Sapphire Beach House

Ben Horlock

The father of Kick co-founder has splashed out $16Million to buy Nathan Tinkler’s Sapphire Beach house in Coffs Harbour. 

Jamie Craven – Ed Craven’s dad – acquired the stunning property in a cut-price deal after paying in cash. Former coal magnate Tinkler was hoping for almost $30m.

However, after being declared bankrupt, he settled for just over half of the original asking price. The Craven’s will certainly be delighted to have negotiated a better deal.

The purchase of the property – called Noorinya- will allow Ed Craven to return to the area where he grew up. Australia’s youngest billionaire will likely spend a lot of time there.

Tinkler bought the beach house property from former Microsoft executive Jaybe Ammons for $11.5m in 2008. However, severe financial issues meant he had to sell.

Ed Craven Properties

Ed Craven has a reported net worth of $2-$3bn so acquiring Noorinya for his father proved an easy choice. The Kick and Stake.com co-founder has quite the impressive property portfolio.

Craven’s registered address is a $12.5m penthouse in Southbank, Melbourne. The property is owned by the same company as Noorinya.

More impressively, Craven bought Toorak mansion for a cool $38.5m in 2022. There is also a rebuild of an $80m mansion that Craven snapped up shortly after Toorak.

At just 28-years-old, Craven can boast some of the finest properties in the world after his success with Kick and Stake.com. The latter has exploded in popularity over the last few years and provided Craven with endless funds.

The cryptocurrency casino and sports betting platform is widely used all over the globe. Canadian rapper Drake places his huge bets with Craven’s firm.

It’s likely that Craven will continue to spend lavishly on new properties for himself and his family. Owing to the success of his business ventures, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him named as Australia’s wealthiest businessman in the future.

Ben Horlock
Ben Horlock

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