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Crypto Philanthropy: Which charities and countries facilitate crypto philanthropy?

Liam Solomon

With the growth of cryptocurrencies worldwide, the prevalence of crypto philanthropy has increased. Digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are becoming more and more mainstream by the day. Although they differ from traditional currencies, lacking government backing, these digital forms of money are now being used to make donations to charities.

Crypto philanthropy is the act of making donations to nonprofits using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, instead of making traditional cash payments. The Giving Block, a cryptocurrency fundraising platform, reported almost $70 million in crypto philanthropy donations in 2021, an increase of 1,558% from the previous year.

Given the rise in the use of cryptocurrency for charity donations, Bitcoin Casinos looked at the types of charities accepting alternative currency donations, and where in the world and the US is leading the charge in terms of crypto philanthropy.

What types of charities accept cryptocurrency?

05 Types of charities

  1. Children & youth | 598 nonprofit organizations accept cryptocurrency

Charities for children and young people often work to support vulnerable young persons in society. From helping with their medical needs to providing food and education, these charities work to better the lives of vulnerable youths. There are almost 600 charities working for children and young people which accept cryptocurrency donations on the Giving Block – more than any other type of charity. These include the World Stop Stuttering Association which helps to improve fluency and communication among young people who experience stuttering and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library which is a global book gifting service aiming to inspire a love of reading.

  1. Education & training | 535 nonprofit organizations accept cryptocurrency

Charities committed to the betterment of education often provide grants and bursaries to those in need and can work in association with schools and colleges. These charities often support formal education and training, including vocational training and long-term learning. There are 535 non-profit organizations that are committed to improving access to education and training currently accepting cryptocurrency donations on The Giving Block, including SolarBuddy, helping children in poverty access education.

  1. Health & medicine | 417 nonprofit organizations accept cryptocurrency

Medical charities are among the top types of nonprofit organizations that accept donations in the form of cryptocurrency. Charities for health and medicine usually work to assure those who require access to healthcare and medicine are provided with the necessary treatment. On the Giving Block, there are 417 health and medicine charities worldwide that accept cryptocurrency donations. These include Smile Train, Inc. which supports cleft care for over 1.5 million children, and Mental Health America, addressing the needs of those living with mental illness.

Rank Category Nonprofit organizations that accept cryptocurrency donations
1 Children & youth 598
2 Education & training 535
3 Health & medicine 417
4 Community service 314
5 Religion & faith-based 204
6 Women & girls 199
7 Environment 190
8 Animals 186
9 Human rights 177
10 Hunger 162

Where in the world is crypto philanthropy most popular?

06 most popular world

  1. United States | 1,627 nonprofit organizations accept cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency philanthropy is growing internationally and in the United States, there are more nonprofits accepting cryptocurrency donations than in any other country. On the Giving Block, 1,627 charities accept donations in cryptocurrency form. These include Women for Women International which works to support women in countries affected by conflict and war and the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, which is working to restore the park system in Pittsburgh.

  1. United Kingdom | 36 nonprofit organizations accept cryptocurrency

The United Kingdom is another country where crypto philanthropy is supported by more charities than in other parts of the world. We found that 36 nonprofit organizations in the United Kingdom accept donations in cryptocurrency. These include Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, which supports abandoned animals, and Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, helping children with lifelong conditions.

  1. Australia | 25 nonprofit organizations accept cryptocurrency

Australia is one of the nations leading the charge when it comes to cryptocurrency donations. On The Giving Block, 25 nonprofits in Australia accept crypto donations, including Rainforest Rescue and Musicians Making A Difference.

Rank Country Nonprofit organizations that accept cryptocurrency donations
1 United States 1,627
2 United Kingdom 36
3 Australia 25
4 Canada 18
5 Italy 4
5 Netherlands 4
5 Switzerland 4
8 Denmark 3
8 New Zealand 3
10 Austria 2
10 Belgium 2
10 South Africa 2
10 Spain 2

Where in the US is crypto philanthropy most popular?

07 most popular US

  1. California | 295 nonprofit organizations accept cryptocurrency

California is where you can find the most nonprofits accepting donations in alternative forms. On the Giving Block, there are almost 300 nonprofits in California that accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency donations. These include the Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego, Inc., supporting children with lifelong illnesses and their families, and the Manny Pacquiao Foundation, building homes and schools for those in need.

  1. New York | 217 nonprofit organizations accept cryptocurrency

New York is also one of the top states for charities accepting cryptocurrency donations. The Giving Block has 217 New York-based charities which accept alternative donations including Bitcoin and cryptocurrency donations. Among these charities are Code to Inspire, dedicated to teaching young women how to code, and Neighborhood Cats, which cares for abandoned cats.

  1. Florida | 103 nonprofit organizations accept cryptocurrency

Florida is another state where more nonprofits are accepting crypto donations than in most other areas of the United States. There are 103 nonprofits based in Florida which accept crypto donations on the Giving Block. One of these charities is the Monroe County Education Foundation, which prepares qualified low-income, at-risk students in grades 7 – 12 for college and a career.


Rank State Nonprofit organizations that accept cryptocurrency donations
1 California 295
2 New York 217
3 Florida 103
4 Texas 83
5 District of Columbia 75
6 Virginia 74
7 Colorado 60
7 Illinois 60
9 Massachusetts 59
10 Pennsylvania 51


Where in the world is environmental crypto philanthropy most popular?

08 environmental crypto

United States: 169 environmental charities accept crypto donations

The United States is the best place to donate to environmental nonprofits using cryptocurrency. It’s unsurprising that the best place to donate to environmental charities using alternative currencies is the country with the most nonprofits that accept crypto donations. The US has 169 environmental nonprofits which you can donate to using cryptocurrency, including the International Fund for Animal Welfare, working to rescue animals, and restore their natural habitats.


We sourced the total number of non-profit organizations that accept cryptocurrency donations from The Giving Block on 15th February 2023.

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