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Based in Canada, Gia is a Bitcoin Casino Contributor since 2023. She graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor of Science, so she knows the make-up of a winning bet. Gia uses her analytical background to tell stories using the latest data and statistics. Her work has been sourced by Entrepreneur, Inquirer and more. Gia is also interested in health, wellness, and yoga.

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modern poker cards composition 23 2147881669

Seven Card Stud Poker is a classic poker game that has been enjoyed for generations. Unlike many variants of poker, Seven Card Stud involves no community cards; each player receives their hand. The objective of the game is to create the best five-card combination, using the seven cards dealt to each player throughout multiple betting …

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Yearly Revenue In Cryptocurrency Projected To Rise By 99% By 2027 In The UK

Key Highlights: United Kingdom Crypto Market Projected For 99% Growth To $3.77B By 2027 The UK Are Anticipated The Largest Growth In The Cryptocurrency Market By 2027 The US Will Continue To Lead The Crypto Market With 76% Growth By 2027   It’s been a rough few years for crypto traders but there could be …

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NFT Sales Volume Drops 64% YoY in First Week of July 2023

Key Highlights: NFT Sales Volume Drops by 64% in July YoY Demand for NFTs Down 92% YoY The cryptocurrency market has come on strong since the start of 2023 with Bitcoin up nearly 80 percent. However, enthusiasm around the NFT market has yet to return, as sales volume for digital collectibles dropped by 64 percent …

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Biggest Celebrity NFT Losses 2022 Gary Vee & Logan Paul Top The List

The NFT market crashed in 2022, causing some celebrities and athletes to suffer huge losses. Find out which celebrities took the biggest NFT losses during crypto winter. Key Highlights Justin Bieber Ranks In Top 3 for Biggest Celebrity NFT Losses (-$1.2M) Gary Vee Takes Highest Celebrity Loss on Single NFT (-$3.8M) Logan Paul’s NFT Is …

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