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Bitcoin Returns To $65000 Mark Following A Market Recovery And Awaits Hong Kong Trade

Louis Fargher

The Bitcoin market starts to recover following the Iran and Israel conflict, as BTC exceeds $65,000 and Ether rises above $3100. 

Bitcoin Market Starts To Recover

BTC fell under $62,000 during the 13th-14th April weekend, as global events and tension impacted the cryptocurrency markets – as Iran and Israel are now in high tension conflict following an attack on Saturday 13th April.

However, after news of an eased tension begins to surface, due to the United States opting to avoid any involvement – the markets on the way back to normal.

Those who trade on Polymarket now give the possibility of Israel retaliating a 4% chance and this has dropped drastically from the 57% that was handed moments after the initial attack.

During the opening concerns, PAXG, which is a gold digital asset option made by Paxos, was being traded at a 20% vertical.

This came as crypto users decided to exit any possible risks to the safety and legislation of gold – which looked to be decreasing following the conflict.

Gold was already subject to heavy assessment and increased selling incentives, as the United States tax season nears – which is set to take place in the ‘halving’ build up.

Arthur Hayes, who is a respected trader in the cryptocurrency sector, has revealed that the tightness of dollar liquidity has impacted certain assets.

He said: “Given that the halving occurs at a time when dollar liquidity is tighter than usual, it will add propellant to a raging firesale of crypto assets.”

Another factor that could make a huge dent in the crypto market is the release of bitcoin and ether ETFS in Hong Kong.

This move will allow traders in China to gain access to various digital assets, as the crypto market looks to increase in new regions.

A report from Matrixport has revealed that an estimated $25 billion could be unlocked through the variety ETFs available.

Louis Fargher
Louis Fargher