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XQc Reveals Exactly How Much He Earned From Streaming In Just One Year

Ben Horlock

xQc’s earnings from live streaming over the period of just one year have been revealed by the 28-year-old Canadian.

The Kick streamer – Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel – told social media personality NateStakkzz in an exclusive interview all about his staggering earnings.

He also streams for Twitch, and confirmed that he earned a remarkable $9 million through his online activities. A hugely impressive return for 12 months of work.

Across both Kick and Twitch, xQc has amassed a hugely popular following of 12 million. His sizable fan base just goes to show the financial rewards that can be achieved by reaching the summit of popularity.

XQc’s Earnings

Content creator NateStakkzz, typically conducts interviews with people he encounters on the street about their jobs. xQc’s response was certainly out of the ordinary.

“I think it’s public right, yeah it was leaked. It was like err 9.” xQc would go on to confirm that in fact it was $9m he earned, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

That figure purely represents just his income via subscriptions and donations from his followers. His YouTube earnings and additional profits from social media campaigns would take his earnings well into eight figures.

In fact, xQc recently signed a two-year non-exclusive deal with Kick and Twitch. He will earn well over $100m to stream across both platforms.

As enviable as xQc’s bank balance has become, he also revealed some of the difficulties he has faced. Juggling relationships are the main area.

Naturally, there are plenty of ‘haters’ who will always look to bring him down and deciphering who his true friends are is not easy.

In the interview with NateStakkzz, xQc went on to add how imperative it is to be as spontaneous as possible when creating content.

He adopts a fearless approach to streaming and gaming. Although he has entertained a number of bans for breaking rules, it has ultimately paid off in the long run.

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Ben Horlock
Ben Horlock

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