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Non-Fungible Token ‘Selfie Guy’ Makes His Return With $1.8Million Memecoin Presale

Ben Horlock

Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali – the Non-Fungible Token ‘Selfie Guy’ – has made a $1.8million memecoin comeback. After his initial success in 2022, the former Indonesian college student returned with a bang. 

NFT Selfie Guy

On March 24, Ghozali posted on X, formerly Twitter, announcing the second iteration of Ghozali Everyday. While, he was still a student, his first foray netted him a cool $1m.

In January 2022, Ghozali minted NFTs with selfies that he took every day since the start of 2017. Naming the collection Ghozali Everyday, he garnered crypto currency members support to net the seven figure sum.

After his announcement on Sunday, Ghozali has already netted $1.8m in a memecoin presale. When he graduated from college in 2023, Ghozali confessed he would stop taking selfies after he made his fortune.

However, as interest in memecoins surged again, Ghozali couldn’t resist the temptation to increase his already sizable bank balance. In the first 24 hours, the presale has surpassed its 400 ETH.

Memecoin Resurgence

Amidst a bullish trend within Bitcoin, the memecoin resurgence has reignited interest within the Solana network in particular. In the crypto space, Solana-based presale projects generated significant capital inflows.

Between March 15-18, Solana raised $100m and Ghozali was keen to get back in on the action. Community members labelled the memecoin resurgence as ‘peak degeneracy.’

Base, which is Coinbase’s layer-2 network, also saw an increase in attention over the last few weeks. Its total value locked (TVL) doubled as investors consider the blockchain platform as a hub for memecoin ventures.

Solana’s surge, in addition to Base’s increase in value, will likely provide as an epicenter for future memecoin activities. At the time of writing, Base’s TVL reached $2.13Billion

Many industry experts and pundits believe that there could be ‘crazy runs’ in the layer-2 network. This is likely to happen once Solana’s meme season eases off.

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Ben Horlock
Ben Horlock

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