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What Are The 5 Most Expensive Meme NFTs Ever Sold?

Ben Horlock

We take a look at the five most expensive meme Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) ever sold. 

There’s a very good chance you will have come across these NFTs whilst browsing social media and other internet websites. In fact, the five that feature are all instantly recoignizable.

All of the Memes that are included sold for some hugely impressive sums – with the first three going for over seven figures each. So, lets take a closer look at the five most expensive NFTs ever sold.

The Five Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

5) Nyan Cat: $590,000

The popular Nyan Cat meme sold for six figures worth of Cryptocurrency in February 2021 – exactly ten years after its digital creation. Its reported that it sold for $590,000.

Nyan Cat‘s creator – artist Chris Torres – sold his pixelated piece for a record sum after the unusual meme harboured a much larger internet interest than expected.

All in all, Torres sold Nyan Cat – complete with its pop tart torso – for 300 ETH to an unnamed cryptocurrency user. Torres became something of a trendsetter, with many other artists following suit and profiting from their creations.

4) Charlie Bit My Finger: $760,999

Three months after Chris Torres sold Nyan Cat, the parents of the famous siblings in Charlie Bit My Finger jumped on the bandwagon and sold the hugely iconic YouTube video. The NFT craze was very much in its peak throughout the first half of 2021.

In May, Dubai-based collector 3FMusic purchased the comical masterpiece for the equivalent of $760,999. It is believed Charlie’s mom and dad are to use the funds to provide the boys with a college education. Very astute and money well spent.

The family from the famous viral video considered removing it from YouTube, but 3FMusic wasn’t fussed so it stayed on the video sharing platform. Even after all these years, Charlie Bit My Finger is internet gold. Scroll down to take a look at the ten-year anniversary video.

3) Pepe The Frog: $3.5Million

Moving into the top three and the first seven-figure NFT sale is Pepe the Frog. The freaky looking amphibian was created by artist Matt Furie in 2006. Pepe the Frog first featured as a comic strip in November of that year.

15 years later, Pepe the Frog sold for a huge 1,000 ETH – which was worth around $3.5 million at the point of sale in October 2021. Pepe even went on to inspire the creation of Pepcoin, which launched in April 2023 and has proven successful.

Pepe’s buyers were Starry Night Capital, who actually went under when their parent company collapsed in 2022. NFTs were sold off to pay creditors, including Pepe the Frog. Crypto executive Andrew Kang purchased him for an undisclosed sum.

2) Doge: $4.2Million

Up until February 2024, Doge was the most expensive meme-related NFT of all time. As far as memes featuring dogs go, Doge is an undisputed legend. It was sold for a record 1,696.9 ETH in the boom of 2021. Back then, it was worth $4.2 million.

Understandably, the sale made headlines all over the world. Doge’s creator is Japanese kindergarten teacher Atsuko Sato. The dog is her Shiba Inu Kabosu. Similar to Pepe the Frog, Doge provided the inspiration for Dogecoin, the first-ever meme coin.

Nowadays, there is an array of Doge memes that dominate the internet. And it’s easy to see why. Sadly, the Shiba Inu Kabosu was diagnosed with leukemia and liver disease in December 2022.


Most Expensive Meme NFTs Ever Sold

1) Dogwifhat: $4.3Million

Staying on the theme of dogs, the most expensive meme NFT ever sold is Dogwifhat. In March 2024, the record-breaking deal was completed for 1,210.759 ETH. This converts to exactly $4,311,234.

The meme’s popularity continues to snowball ever since it first emerged online in 2019. It is thought that the meme sold for the record amount due to the success of WIF, a Solana meme coin. It was only created in December in 2023 but already has a value of $3 billion.

The dog itself is called Achi and the picture was snapped in 2018 by his South Koren owners. The photo was sold to GCR, a prominent pseudonymous crypto trader for the record fee in March 2024.

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