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Crypto Jackpots: What Are The Biggest Ever Crypto Casino Jackpot Wins?

Ben Horlock

What are the biggest ever crypto casino jackpot wins? Ever since cryptocurrency took the world by storm in the late 2000s, many gamblers have gone on to win some eye-watering amounts of digital gold.

What makes crypto casino jackpot wins more impressive is the fact that crypto gambling is an increasingly risky venture. The unpredictability, the chances and overall long shot of winning make it nigh-on impossible.

However, there are those who break the trend and side-step the stigma attached to crypto gambling. Some may say the irresistibly of crypto gambling is too much to contain. Some of these wins are truly sensational and make us rather envious of these guys good fortune.

So, what are the biggest ever crypto casino jackpot wins? Scroll down to find out.

The Biggest Ever Crypto Casino Jackpot Wins

5. Troll Hunters Jackpot – 216 BTC

In March 2017, fortune certainly favored the bold as this lucky bettor actually landed two impressive wins. Starting off with just 0.16 BTC, the unnamed woman scooped a jackpot of 160 BTC after her initial spin gave her a 1000% gain. Nice!

Still not content, the bettor then pushed on to win even more and that’s exactly what happened a short time after. She wracked up another 56 BTC to bring her playing total to 216 BTC. Today, that would be worth a cool $14.4 million.

4. Bitcoin Video Slots – 259.74 BTC

Another anonymous gambler, playing under the name #28ea0d38e1, landed a very impressive win on Bitcoin Video Slots. The bettor staked 0.1 BTC and hit a progressive jackpot, scooping 259.74 BTC.

The return on the jackpot was 2600% greater than their original wager. That in itself is extremely rare and hugely fortunate. Still, someone has to do it. right?

3. Might of Ra – 524.7 BTC

Taking the first podium spot is Tyler Faraz Niknam, AKA Trainwreck, the former Twitch and current Kick streaming sensation. The 33-year-old landed one of the biggest ever crypto casino jackpot wins in March 2022.

Trainwreck often indulges in 24-hour marathon sessions on Stake.com and he made their record books by hitting a 22,500x multiplier. The original bet was for 0.023322 BTC on the Might of Ra and he walked away with a win of 524.7 BTC.

2. Just Dice – 11,000 BTC

It’s been over ten years since a player known as Nakowa almost knocked the crypto world off its axis with their astronomical win. The bettor won 11,000 BTC on Just Dice.

When the win happened in 2013, Bitcoin prices varied so much over the course of that year. Therefore, pinpointing the exact figure in USD wasn’t straightforward. In today’s conversions, it is approximately $734m.

Biggest Ever Crypto Casino Jackpot Win


1. Live Roulette Lands 83,110 BTC

World famous Canadian rapper Drake is just as well known for his gambling activities as much as his musical career. And with very good reason, too.

The lyrical mastermind – who was playing on stake.com in 2023 – started off with a modest $8.5m in what has become known as ‘Stake vs Drake.’

After some substantial and fortuitous bets, the rapper came away with 83,110 BTC. To this day, it is the biggest ever crypto casino jackpot win. After all, it was all in God’s Plan.

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Ben Horlock
Ben Horlock

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