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Josh Warrington Interview: Leigh Wood Is A W**ker; I Should Be Three-Time World Champion

Jack Comerford

In an exclusive interview with BitcoinCasinos.com, two-time world featherweight champion Josh Warrington labelled rival Leigh Wood a w**ker, as talk of a much anticipated rematch heats up.

Warrington also spoke about the controversial stoppage that saw Wood win their first bout and made a prediction for Sunny Edwards’ unification fight with Jesse Rodriguez this weekend.

Interview Highlights:

  • Leigh Wood is a w**ker – I’ll punch his head in again next time
  • Still annoyed by stoppage – I should be three-time world champ
  • Sunny Edwards will beat Rodriguez and let the world know who is 

Warrington furious with ‘w**ker’ Leigh Wood

A respectful build up to next year’s probably rematch between Josh Warrington and Leigh Wood seems to be unlikely after the Leeds man unleashed a expletive-laden rant at Wood, who emerged victorious in their first bout in October;

Josh Warrington: “If Leigh’s going to talk s**t, if he’s going to bad mouth me then he’s going to get it straight back at him. Yeah he annoys me. If you’re going to call me a w**ker, call me a w**ker to my face. Don’t shake my hand, smile at me, and then come away and stand in front of the camera and say, yeah, he’s a bit of a bellend to be honest with you. 

“He’s a w**ker, I don’t like that kind of behaviour. He’s been nothing but amicable in face-to-face meetings. But when it comes to interviews he’s said that I’ve shown him no respect after the fight when all that he’s done is been arrogant and gloated. But 2024 is the year of the comeback and I’ll punch Leigh Woods’ f**king head in – come on!”

I should be three-time World Champion

Warrington was ahead on all three judges’ scorecards when the referee waved the first fight off after a flurry of punches from Wood, with the defeated fighter revealing regret and annoyance at way the fight ended;

Warrington: “I wouldn’t say I’m still angry but I’m still disappointed and annoyed. I’ve kind of gone on a bit of a scale. After the fight initially, I was really annoyed, p***ed off, whatever. I calmed myself down eventually and then, as time has gone on, seeing different interviews and just thinking of my own resume and career, I mean, I should be a three-time world champion. 

“Obviously the way the fight ended was controversial. I gave him his credit on the night in the medical room and since then he has said a few things in interviews and things have picked up a bit more now. I think if the rematch comes off then the build-up will be a lot more spicy than the first time around.”

Sunny Edwards will step up and bring WBO title home

Londoner Sunny Edwards ventures to Arizona with his IBF flyweight title, looking to return to Britain with Jesse Rodriguez’s WBO belt around his waist and Warrington is confident that the 27-year-old will step up to the plate and emerge with both straps on Saturday night;

Warrington: “I’ve spoken with Sonny for years and followed his career for a long time. This is a massive fight, but I think it’s one that he’s been waiting for a long time. I feel he’ll go out there and let the world know who Sonny Edwards is. Obviously, we’ve been spoiled with some great heavyweight fights. You want to see big knockouts, but there’s still a lot of boxing fans who appreciate the fine art and the sweet science and Sunny’s got that in abundance. 

“He’s a great mover, he’s got some silky boxing skills and he doesn’t look like an Adonis when he gets in the ring, he’s not ripped, but his boxing skills are second to none and I think real boxing fans can really appreciate that. I think at times, he’s just got over the line with some performances when he’s been in with certain opponents, he’s done just what he needed to do, but I feel that when the opposition steps up, then he’ll step up.”

Jack Comerford

Jack is a junior content writer for Bitcoin Casinos since March 2023. He has previously published local sports stories for the Shildon Town Crier, where he is based and studied Journalism. Jack's main hobby is football, being a massive fan of Newcastle United.