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Casino Games App Market Projected To Surge 40% By 2027 ($14bn in revenue)

Jack Comerford

Key Highlights:

  • Casino games app market to witness a $3.9 billion surge by 2027.
  • App downloads expected to rise by 24% within the same period.
  • USA poised to maintain lead in casino game app revenue, projecting a 39% increase by 2027.


Embracing the digital era, casino game apps are recreating the casino experience right in the palm of our hands, contributing to a market that’s expected to see significant growth by 2027.

Date forecasted by Statista & presented by BitcoinCasinos.com shows a 40% surge in the casino games app revenue market by 2027.

Casino Games App Market Anticipated For A $3.9 Billion Growth By 2027

The transition from physical, brick-and-mortar casinos to virtual platforms is evident in the projected financial uptrends.

The market, valued at $10.29 billion in 2023, is forecasted to rise to $14.19 billion by 2027.

This significant achievement is largely due to the apps’ capacity to offer rich and immersive experiences on mobile devices.

This allows for them to mirror the depth and excitement of physical casinos.

Casino favorites like slots, blackjack, roulette are available at touch of a button in top casino game apps like Bingo Blitz and Jackpot Party Casino Slots.

Casino Game App Downloads Are Projected To Elevate By 24% By 2027

Parallel to the revenue surge, the sector anticipates a boom in app downloads, further indicating a mounting public interest.

The convenience of on-the-go gaming, enabled by increasing smartphone usage and technological advances, has been a major driver.

From 1.28 billion in 2023, downloads are set to soar to 1.59 billion by 2027.

This comes as these platforms continue to captivate a broad spectrum of players through ease of access and engaging content.

USA Expected To Continue To Lead Casino Game App Revenue In 2027

The USA remains a frontrunner in casino app game revenue.

While it expects a leap from $6.7 billion in 2023 to $9.34 billion in 2027 (a 39% increase), other countries also report optimistic forecasts.

China’s market anticipates a 41% ascent, with Australia, Canada, and Japan predicting upswings of 27% to 33%.

This global upsurge underscores the universal appeal of digital casinos, with their blend of convenience, accessibility, and the allure of popular games driving unprecedented market expansion.


“The burgeoning casino game app market shows technology’s transformative power,” says Nick Raffoul, our Head of News. “These apps, extending beyond mere entertainment, are becoming a fundamental part of many individuals’ digital lifestyle, offering both a training arena for live-play preparation and an accessible form of leisure.

“The convenience of digital gameplay, coupled with technological integration in daily routines, propels this market’s extraordinary growth, heralding a new era in digital entertainment.”

Jack Comerford

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