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Twitch On A Downward Trend As 2023 Sees 5% Drop In Watch Time For 2nd Year Running

Jack Comerford

Key Highlights:

  • Twitch faces 5% watch time decline for the second consecutive year in 2023.
  • YouTube boasts 32% more viewing hours than Twitch in 2023.
  • Twitch’s average concurrent channels dips from a peak of 105,000 in 2021 to 92,500 in 2023.

A significant shift is happening in the streaming in as Twitch grapples with a consistent drop in viewership, marking its second year of decline. Concurrently, platforms like YouTube are enjoying significant growth, indicating a possible shift in audience preferences.

Twitch Faces 5% Watch Time Decline for Second Consecutive Year

Data sourced from Statista & presented by BitcoinCasinos.com reveals that the minutes dedicated to watching Twitch are down year-on-year from 2021 to 2022. Additionally, minutes dedicated to watching Twitch are anticipated to diminish by 5% in 2023 compared to the previous year. This would mark the second consecutive year that Twitch has faced a decline in viewership.

Further research reveals that after hitting a peak of 105,000 average concurrent channels in 2021, Twitch’s numbers have dwindled to a mere 92,500 in the first two quarters of 2023. With less streamers and viewers, Twitch is losing out to industry giant YouTube, and new kids on the block, KICK.

YouTube Surpasses with 32% More Viewing Hours than Twitch in 2023

As Twitch faces challenges, YouTube is seeing a resurgence in its viewership. Data indicates YouTube experienced 32% more hours watched in the second quarter of 2023 compared to Twitch.

Other platforms like KICK are also making their presence felt; with a 44% increase in hours watched in Q2 2023, thanks in part to big-name streamers like Drake, xQc, and Ninja joining the platform.

BitcoinCasinos Commentary

“The landscape of live streaming is rapidly evolving,” says Nick Raffoul, Head of News at BitcoinCasinos. “Twitch, which once held a solid grip on the industry, now seems to be slipping.

“Competitors like YouTube and emerging platforms like KICK are grabbing this opportunity, reshaping the industry dynamics. These changes underscore the fierce competition and the importance of staying ahead of user preferences.”

Jack Comerford

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