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Exclusive interview with Renee Gracie: I’m targeting UK race, there’s only one thing I wouldn’t do on Onlyfans and why I’ll continue making content while I race

Renee Gracie

Renee Gracie made headlines around the world when she left V8 Supercars to focus on making OnlyFans content.

But the 28-year-old has returned to the sport, and she tells BitcoinCasinos.com exclusively about her exciting comeback in the form of the GT World Challenge Australia Championship, and the positive feedback she’s had so far.

The Australian also lifts the lid on her successful OnlyFans career, where she has been banking eye-watering sums.

Full Transcript

Q: Why are you returning to racing?

RG: “Racing cars is my passion. From the age of 12 it’s been my obsession. I’ve always had a burning desire to race, so when I stood back from Motorsport that was obviously still there. I wanted to return because I was simply in a position where I could. I started racing again this year, 2023. I’m two races in and currently winning the Championship.

“I’m competing in the GT World Challenge Australia Championship and I am currently leading the GT World Challenge Trophy Class.”

Q: What has the response been to your return to racing?

RG: “The response has been amazing. Honestly more than I ever expected. I really thought it would be difficult to get anyone to run me and have me back in a car. But since taking the return more seriously, I cannot believe the amount of support I’ve had. I’m so grateful.

“I haven’t received any negative feedback from opponents. While I’m sure there is some in the background there has been nothing overly negative in person towards me. There is always negativity online but that’s nothing out of the ordinary for me.”

Q: Do you have any plans to visit the UK, for any races here, one day?

RG: “I would absolutely love to visit the UK. It’s definitely in my goals over the next few years to start racing overseas. I also have a large UK following and would love the opportunity to meet some of my international fans.

“The UK have a round of the GT World Challenge Europe Championship. I think that would be an amazing event to race at.”

Q: Will you continue to create OnlyFans content while you race?

RG: “I will continue to run my OnlyFans page while racing. My OnlyFans page has elevated as now I combine a lot more racing content on my page. I absolutely love combining the two worlds.

“I’ve been posting topless race recaps, photoshoots with the car, in my face suits. Lots of fun things have been incorporated on my page and I love it.”

Q: What are some of the most unusual requests you have had on OnlyFans?

RG: “Nothing is unusual to me anymore! I’ve had it all. I draw the line at poo related content!”

Q: Do you have any plans to finish with OnlyFans, or is it something you plan to do for many years to come?

RG: “I will do OnlyFans as long as there is a demand. I’ve been doing it for four years now and feel my content keeps getting better and my passion for creating content is getting bigger and bigger. I have absolutely no plans to ever quit.”

Q: Would you encourage any other athletes, male or female, to join OnlyFans if they were considering it?

RG: “I would encourage any other athletes to join OnlyFans, male or female. And it doesn’t even have to be of an explicit nature. It’s an amazingly personal platform. It connects you to fans and followers like no other social media platform does. It’s a great way to share things fans might not know about you and your sport.

“I don’t specifically have anyone in mind for this. I think it’s more in general. I think it’s a great platform for athletes to share a real, behind the scene feel to their fans.

“Any female sportsperson would be a good fit!”

Q: As a racer, what cars do you own that you drive, in your own personal time?

RG: “I’ve got a few toys! My main car is a 2022 Dodge Ram 1500. I have a Mustang GT that’s had some work done to it that I love! And my AMG GT. I have a thing for V8s!”

Q: Are you a fan of Formula One?

RG: “I’m not a huge fan of Formula One. It’s all a bit too prim and proper for me.”

Renee Gracie

Renee Gracie, an Australian racing driver and entrepreneur, gained significant attention for her unconventional career path. Born on January 5, 1995, in Kuraby, Queensland, Renee began her motorsport journey at an early age. She initially competed in karting before transitioning to car racing, where she made her mark in the Australian Supercars Dunlop Series. Gracie competed in the 2014 & 2015 seasons of the Porsche Carrera Cup Australia Championship, in which she was the first female to compete in the Championship. It was Renee's decision to switch gears and venture into the Adult film industry & OnlyFans modelling, brought her into the spotlight in 2019. As of 2023, Renee Gracie continues to be an influential figure both in the world of adult entertainment and motorsport.