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35% of US Adults Express Interest in Customizing Metaverse Experience with Creative Activities


Over the years, virtual worlds have taken a share of the spotlight in the tech space, inspiring new tech developments and changing our daily interactions. The metaverse, however, is a whole other dynamic. Picture a virtual world where you can play, work, shop, and interact with others without leaving home. Thanks to the metaverse, all that is possible.

According to BitcoinCasino.com, 35% of US adults are now seeking out new ways to personalize their metaverse experience.

The site’s financial analyst, Edith Reads, comments, ” The metaverse is quickly emerging as the next big tech platform, and with it comes some exciting opportunities. People are no longer content with just playing video games or visiting virtual stores; they want to customize the world around them with creative activities.”

The Outlook of the Metaverse Customization 

Most people have different takes on the ideal shopping experience or the perfect travel tour. Having everything structured, with no personalization window, maybe a dull experience for some users. Allowing customization makes the metaverse experience more fulfilling. 

Thankfully, personalization began with some Metaverse real estate projects where users could create their own custom virtual gaming worlds. This idea alone raked $500 million in total sales in 2021. 

Whether it’s creating their avatars or designing virtual layouts, these users want to participate actively.

Why is Customization Significant in the Metaverse?

With customization, the metaverse provides endless possibilities allowing users to indulge in their fantasy whims and escape reality. Users get to experience adventures beyond the limits of the physical world.

Customization opens up great avenues for monetization. Businesses improve customer experience; users can create and trade with digital assets.

Personalization helps users to express themselves better. Creating avatars and designing personal layouts enables users to identify themselves and get in touch with their artistic side. 

The Role of Bitcoin in the Metaverse

It’s hardly surprising that Bitcoin entered the metaverse ecosystem, influencing the customization trend.

Bitcoin’s decentralized nature makes it an ideal currency for trading and owning virtual assets within the metaverse. Therefore, users can shop virtually using Bitcoin, adding value to their customized experiences.

As the metaverse expands across multiple virtual worlds and platforms, Bitcoin’s flexibility allows for seamless integration and transfer of value across various metaverses.

Bitcoin’s underlying blockchain technology presents the potential for decentralized governance models within the metaverse. This will ensure users have control in shaping the metaverse systems.

The metaverse is expanding quickly, transforming our interactions with others. Big brands like Nike and Roblox have already incorporated this digital space, paving a path for other brands to follow.  


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