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Carl Froch Exclusive: I’d uppercut a Just Stop Oil protester if they tried to protest in a boxing ring; Trump would iron out Putin with a big right hand in boxing match

Carl Froch

In an exclusive interview with BitcoinCasinos.com, former Super-Middleweight World Champion Carl Froch warned Just Stop Oil protesters from targeting boxing matches and revealed why he would accept an invitation to fly to Mars on a SpaceX mission.

The ‘Cobra’ said if a protester had entered the ring during one of his bouts, they would’ve been hit with ‘the biggest, dirtiest uppercut straight on the chin.’

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Interview Highlights:

Full transcript

Question: A hypothetical question, we’ve seen Just Stop Oil protesters at Wimbledon this week and at the cricket last week, back in your day – George Groves title fight at Wembley – someone jumps in the ring and throws orange paint everywhere, what’s your reaction?

Carl Froch: “I’d hit him with the biggest, dirtiest uppercut straight on the chin, send him into f*****g orbit. If they’re getting into my boxing ring, my workplace, I’m sorry – it’s my rules. Oil protestors, get in my ring at your peril. I would absolutely annihilate him with one punch straight on the jaw. I’d attempt to decapitate them.”

Q: Another hypothetical question – if Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump get in the ring together, who’s your money on?

CF: “Trump’s quite a big guy. They’re both quite men’s men aren’t they? So I think it’d be a good fight. I don’t think they’d get in the ring and fight because I think they’re on the same page. I think Trump and Putin would get along and I listened to Donald Trump give an interview last week. I listen to quite a lot of his stuff and a lot of alternative media, away from the narrative of the mainstream media and the bulls**t that they feed us.”

“Donald Trump said last week that he would end the war in a day – the war in Ukraine. Now that is very controversial but I believe him, I think he is that kind of a man. He could go out to Putin and sort this war out. Innocent people dying are dying, for what? What is it for? Do we believe what they’re telling us it’s for – do we believe what we’re being fed on the mainstream media or do we look at other angles and say hang on the minute, what about that? I’m not going to go into it but it’s to do with NATO.”

“People are moving goal posts and he’s going, hang on a minute I’ve got to protect my people in my country – Putin has. Without going too deep and without trying to make myself sound like an expert, which I probably am more of an expert than the average man who watches mainstream media. I just think that Donald Trump and Putin would not get in a boxing ring because I think they’re quite fond of each other. If they were forced to get in there, I think Trump will hit him with a right hand and iron him out unconscious because he’s the bigger man. It’s a weight-governed sport for a reason.”

Q: One final question, if you were offered the chance to fly to Mars on a SpaceX mission for free, would you be on board?

CF: “SpaceX, Elon Musk? I don’t know if I would. All of his stuff crashes and burns, doesn’t it? Where is Mars? Allegedly 140 million miles away? At the minute, we can’t go back to the moon. If you think we’ve already been there, which I’m not so sure just based on evidence and a bit of reading I’ve done which is 384,000 kilometers or miles away – not as far away as Mars is alleged to be.”

“If we could attempt to get to Mars, I would love to jump on that shuttle and go up there because what I want to do is – I want to get my iPhone out and take a picture of this spherical earth. I want to see the Earth in its whole beauty and take a picture of it. So I’d be up for that definitely, but I just don’t think we can get up there. I don’t think we can leave here.”

“I think it’s an enclosed system and I don’t think we can get out of it and that’s why we’re struggling to leave now. I’d love to go far enough away from planet Earth to be able to see it in its entirety. Because any image I’ve ever seen of planet Earth, there’s always CGI, which basically means its computer generated. But I won’t hold my breath, I don’t think it’s happening in my lifetime even if it is possible.”

“Because why haven’t we gone back to the moon in over 50 years? How much does NASA get funded everyday? It’s hundreds of millions. They’ve tried to send a lot of things out (to Mars). God separated the waters and the heavens, that’s what it says in the Bible. I’m not a deeply religious man but I do read the Bible. So whether or not we can leave this, what would be an enclosed system or not, is still up for debate. Richard Branson tried it, crashed and burned. Elon Musk’s tried it – sent that car up there, that looked as moody as you like. That was gone as well, sent off to some asteroid belt, apparently.”

Carl Froch

Carl Froch is a British ex-professional boxer who fought at super-middlewight and was active between 2002-2014. His accomplishments across the 12 year professional career was holding the WBC title twice between 2008 and 2011, the IBF title from 2012-2015, and the WBA title between 2013-2015. Froch also held the British and Commonwealth super-middleweight titles between 2004-2008. Carl finished his professional boxing career with a record of 35 fights, 33 wins, 24 wins by knock out & 2 losses. The Nottingham fighter reached 6th in the pound for pound rankings by BoxRec and The Ring magazine In 2023, Froch will be inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. Following his retirement in 2014, Carl has worked as a boxing analyst and commentator for Sky Sports and now runs a successful YouTube boxing account, @FrochonFighting, amassing 32k+ subscribers.