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Ebanie Bridges Exclusive Interview: I would never fight a trans woman, it’s far too dangerous; Transgender boxing should have it’s own category; More money in Boxing for women than UFC


In an exclusive interview with Bitcoin Casinos, Australian pro boxer & OnlyFans model Ebanie Bridges gives her opinion on transgender boxing, labelling it ‘too dangerous’ and should have it’s own boxing category.

The ‘Blonde Bomber’ speaks about how she is too injury prone to do WWE and that she believes there’s more money in boxing than the UFC for women.

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Interview Highlights:

  • I would never fight a trans woman, it’s far too dangerous
  • Transgender boxing should have it’s own category
  • I’m too injury prone for WWE – ‘I’d probably break something’
  • There’s more money in Boxing for women than UFC

Full Transcript

Question: Trans rights in sport is a big topic at the moment – people switching gender and then coming up against the opposite gender – how do you feel about that and would you even entertain the thought of fighting something who’s changed?

Ebanie Bridges: “No, never – I think it’s wrong, especially in boxing and really in all sports. I just think a lot of women in sports that are breaking records weren’t originally women and in boxing when you are trying to hurt the other person (that’s the goal), it’s wrong.

“It’s like saying Mike Tyson suddenly wants to be a woman now and fights you – no way! I even spar with boys or guys smaller than me and they are ‘hell strong’.

“And it never happens the other way round, where a woman will become a man and fight against the men – as they’d get blasted.

“Maybe they need their own space or competitions and fight in their own divisions. I think that’s fair as it’s dangerous and also it just takes it away from ‘women’s sport’ – ladies that have trained hard to be the best and could potentially fight a former man.”

Question: Are you thinking of making a move to UFC, or are you sticking with boxing?

Ebanie Bridges: “Na – I’ll never do UFC – I love boxing too much. I’m too old now and don’t have the time to learn all that, plus I did kickboxing when I was younger and I just don’t fancy getting kicked, elbowed or kneed in the face.

Plus, there is more money in boxing for women – I think!”

Question: Another potential career path – WWE?

Ebanie Bridges: “I would love to do WWE, but I’m so injury-prone and they are so athletic I could just see myself breaking something. I’m actually not naturally athletic – I’m just very good at boxing having practiced it for so long.”


Ebanie Bridges is an Australian professional boxer and OnlyFans model. She has held the IBF female bantamweight title since 2022. Bridges competed as an amateur and won gold in the women's bantamweight event at the 2016 and 2017 Australasian Golden Gloves. The Australian has been nicknamed the 'Blonde Bomber' due to her hair colour and her coach Arnel "Bomber" Barotillo. Bridges has a record of 26–4 in her amateur boxing career between 2016 to 2018 and a 9-1 in her current pro boxing career from 2018 to present.