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Avalanche (AVAX), Uniswap, and Chainlink Top Three Worst-Performing Cryptos with More than 86% of Investors Who Saw More Loss than Gain

Jastra Kranjec

After going through probably the most challenging year in its history, the crypto industry is on the up in 2023, with the crypto market cap and trading volume spiking after last year`s fall. But while some of the world`s largest cryptos have seen their prices more than double in the past six months, other digital coins continued underperforming the market and bringing losses to their holders.

According to data presented by BitcoinCasinos.com, Avalanche, Uniswap, and Chainlink are the top three worst-performing cryptos, bringing more loss than the gain to over 86% of their holders.

AVAX is the Worst Performer in the Crypto Space with 88.6% of Investors Losing Money

Despite the ups and downs and regulatory twists, cryptocurrencies made a serious comeback this year. Global crypto market cap jumped by 37% year-to-date, rising from $795bn to $1.09trn, while the world`s largest cryptos, Bitcoin and Ethereum, saw their values surge by more than 50%.

But, despite the general positive movement in the crypto space, some cryptocurrencies continued bringing losses to their holders. According to IntoTheBlock data, Avalanche is the worst-performing digital coin in the crypto space, with more than 88.6% of investors losing money from investing in it and only 5.8% actually earning from their investments. The CoinMarketCap data show the price of a single AVAX token stood at $14.1 last week, down from around $26 in the same month a year ago, while its market cap plunged by 33% in this period.

Uniswap sits at the high second place of this list, with 87.91% of investors who lost their money and 11.26% earning from buying UNI tokens. Chainlink and Shiba INU closely follow, with around 86% of holders who saw more loss than gain. DAI Polygon and Polygon follow, with 81.78% and 80.91% shares, respectively.

UNUS SED LEO, Bitcoin, and Ethereum Three Top-Performing Cryptos

Unlike Avalanche, Uniswap, and Chainlink, which brought their holders more loss than gain, UNUS SED LEO, Bitcoin, and Ethereum ranked as the three top-performing coins in the crypto space. The IntoTheBlock data show that 70.15% of investors have made money by buying LEO tokens, and around 28.4% have lost. The statistics also show that 74% of holders own LEO tokens for longer than one year, and only 25% less than that.

Ethereum is the second best-performing crypto in the market, with 64.08% of investors with a positive return on their investment. After a huge drop amid the crypto winter, the price of the world`s second-largest cryptocurrency significantly recovered this year, jumping by 50% in the past six months and rising from $1,200 to around $1,800 last week.

The world`s largest and most expensive crypto, Bitcoin, has recovered surprisingly well after last year’s crypto winter and ranked as the third top-performing crypto out there. Almost 62% of investors holding Bitcoin in their wallets have seen a positive return on their investment, and 37.8% of them lost more money than they made. Lido Staked Ethereum, Litecoin, and Binance USD round the list of top five best-performing cryptos, with 54.3%, 46.3%, and 45.8% shares, respectively.

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