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75% Of Global Game Developers Disinterested in Using Blockchain Technology in 2023


Blockchain technology has been touted as a revolutionary force that could transform various industries, including gaming. However, most game developers are not interested in using blockchain technology for their games by 2023. According to an analysis by BitcoinCasinos.com, three-quarters of the world’s game developers have no plans to adopt blockchain technology.

BitcoinCasino’s Edith Reads states,” Blockchain technology offers many benefits, such as increased security, transparency, and decentralization. In theory, these benefits could be highly valuable in the gaming industry, where players often face hacking, fraud, and cheating issues. However, our analysis shows that most developers are still not convinced about the advantages of blockchain technology.”

Why Are Game Developers So Resistant to the Potential of Blockchain Technology?

Despite the potential benefits, many developers remain hesitant to implement blockchain into gaming due to its complexity and lack of a clear understanding of the technology. There are also concerns about scalability and the ability to build quality products quickly with blockchain.

Additionally, many developers remain unconvinced by the hype around blockchain technology, citing its infancy and potential for misuse as reasons to stay away from it. Some developers point out that blockchain technology is not necessarily the best fit for all genres of games.

Furthermore, there are concerns about the cost of using blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is still relatively new and can be expensive to implement. As a result, many game developers are hesitant to invest in blockchain technology if they are not sure it will provide a significant return on investment.

Blockchain Can Redefine the Gaming Industry

Despite these concerns, there are still a small number of game developers that are starting to experiment with blockchain in their projects. These include popular titles like CryptoKitties and Cryptopunks, which have demonstrated how blockchain technology can be used to create vibrant online worlds and economies.

As blockchain technology continues to mature, game developers may become more willing to explore its potential. In the future, blockchain technology could redefine how we play games and interact with virtual worlds. For now, though, it remains a niche area – with only 25% of global game developers expressing interest in using blockchain technology by 2023.

This could change, however, as the cost and complexity of implementing blockchain technology continue to decrease. As more developers become knowledgeable about the potential of blockchain technology, its use in games may eventually become mainstream.


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