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Bitcoin’s Shrimps and Crabs Recorded Over 100% Growth in 2022


Bitcoin distribution is changing, as whales holding large amounts of BTC appear to be decreasing while smaller addresses are on the rise. This phenomenon has been observed over the last year of the bear market and is becoming more pronounced in 2023.

BitcoinCasino.com analysis shows that Shrimps (addresses with 0.01 – 1 BTC) and Crabs (addresses with 1 – 10 BTC) have grown over 100% year-on-year. This trend signals a redistribution of wealth, as the coins from whales, are being spread out to smaller addresses, allowing more users to gain access to Bitcoin.

According to a BitcoinCasino betting expert, Edith Reads, “The increase in user adoption of cryptocurrencies over the last year has allowed more people to participate in the Bitcoin market due to its truly decentralized nature. This will likely lead to a bigger and better future for digital currency users.”

Smallholders Accumulate Bitcoin

The rapid descent of Bitcoin to the $20,000 range has made it an appealing and affordable asset for most investors, allowing them to accumulate with confidence.

The growth of Shrimps and Crabs is an indication that more people are gaining access to Bitcoin, and it is likely to have positive implications for the cryptocurrency market in the long run. As more people participate, Bitcoin will be better positioned to become a viable currency that can compete with traditional fiat currencies.

As with any market, there will always be winners and losers; however, this trend of equalizing ownership could lead to more stability in the Bitcoin markets. In addition, the rise in Shrimps and Crabs may signal an increase in demand for Bitcoin as smaller amounts become more accessible to the average user.

Whale Issuance Plummeted by a Staggering 60%

Bitcoin whales are selling off massive amounts of cryptocurrency, and their influence on the markets has diminished significantly in the last year. Whale issuance plummeted by a staggering 60%, while Exchange outflows decreased by an astonishing 170%.

This Redistribution signals a shift towards smaller investors who have more conviction to stay during bear markets and accumulate with confidence. Therefore, it is likely that these Shrimps and Crabs will have a positive effect on the cryptocurrency markets in the long run, as they will be able to contribute to greater stability.

The decrease in whale issuance and the increase in shrimp and crabs appear to have been an effect of the bear market. However, this could be viewed as a positive sign, as it points towards more decentralized ownership of Bitcoin amongst smaller investors.


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