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Bitcoin is all the rage. You can’t go a day without a discussion of its intrinsic value, legalities or an update of its value and how it’s dropping – and theories on why.

That’s interesting, but you won’t find those sorts of things here.

What you will find is well-researched and highly detailed guides and reviews about how to use bitcoin to gamble online. We cover all the major options from casinos to forex. Our goal is to cut through the noise; we’ll educate you on bitcoin, and then lead you to the best sites for the games you want to play and bet on.

I think we managed to pull it off.





Are You Using Bitcoins to Gamble Online?

You should at least consider it – here’s why:

  • Most countries don’t have restrictions on bitcoins… yet. That means you can make deposits/withdrawals without someone breaking a law, like the UIGEA.
  • You can play anonymously. Most online casinos and poker sites don’t require anything more than a username and password to join and play. You don’t have to give them a name, email or physical address.
  • Quick withdrawals. Even in regulated markets you can only receive a bank wire or money transfer so fast. And don’t get me started on US sites – that can take weeks, or even months. Bitcoin casino sites can complete withdrawals in as little as 15 minutes.
  • You can quickly spot a bad site. If a non-bitcoin site takes weeks or months to pay you, you just assume your money is on its way. It takes awhile before people start to suspect foul play. But since bitcoin sites can pay faster than that, you can spot a bad site faster – before you hand them more money.
  • Play for free. Many sites have free bitcoin offers to try them out… for now. Who knows how long offers like this will last, though, so take advantage of these promos quick.
  • Fees are smaller. This includes everything from bank fees to rake.

You can’t help but think that bitcoin solves many of the problems we face playing at sites with real money. Slow banking, rogue sites, fees, etc – bitcoin helps reduce these issues.

Is There Any Reason NOT To Use Them For Gambling?

There might be one or two, yes.

  • Sites are still evolving. So some sites might not have the greatest software, promotions, game selection or traffic. But with the exception of (poker) traffic, these issues can be solved by switching casinos / sportsbooks.
  • There might be restrictions on banking. One example is 5Dimes where their policy is more confusing than others. If all the money (winnings) in your account is from bitcoin deposits, then you can withdraw whatever you want in bitcoin. However, if the money is a mixture of bitcoin and other deposit methods, you can only withdraw what you originally deposited in bitcoin (converted to USD).

Of course, you still have the risks associated with bitcoin. That includes its volatility and the fact that it’s not backed by tangible assets or regulated in any way. But on that note you shouldn’t be investing –or– gambling with cash you can’t spare anyway.

What to Expect Online

You might be wondering if there is a big difference between bitcoin and traditional online casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks. But I think you’ll be surprised at how much they’re alike.

For example:

You’ll have all the same gambling options. That includes:

  • Betting on sports. This includes baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, boxing, MMA, golf, and more.
  • Playing casino games. This includes blackjack, baccarat, slots, video poker, craps, roulette and variations of these games.
  • Playing online poker. This includes games like Texas holdem, omaha, stud, razz and mixed poker. You can play cash games, sit and go’s and tournaments, too.

You’ll have plenty of compatibility (platform) options. This includes:

  • Choosing from Mac, PC or Linux downloads.
  • Choosing from Android and iOS mobile games and apps.
  • Choosing from instant play (browser) software.

And you’ll still be able to play on great looking software. One of my favorites is Aristocrat. They create popular slots with fun storylines, themes and huge jackpots.

The thing is, if you’re gambling at a larger site like 5Dimes, the biggest difference will be the currency you’re using. That’s all.

If you join a smaller, bitcoin only site, then you might notice fewer promotions or games to choose from. But that’s to be expected from newer companies in an emerging market. And if it’s a big concern, then just take your time to review each site before you sign up.

Joining The Best Casinos & Sportsbooks (Why We Exist)

Now, you have a couple of challenges in front of you.

1) You want to know more about bitcoin. That includes what bitcoin is, how to get it, and how to use it to gamble online (for real money).

2) You want to find a safe and legit casino. NEWSFLASH: Most of them suck. So between that and the sheer number of options, picking one or two can be overwhelming. And that’s assuming you’ve gambled online before. If not, then you’ll want to learn about things like promotions, software and how to get started.

And that’s why exists. Our goal is to answer your questions so that you can find a legit place to play, and fast. Preferably a site you can play at for months, even years to come.

We do that by providing the following information:

1) Honest Reviews – We do the research for you. We create accounts and take a look at the site’s games, promotions and terms. Then we compare them to other sites we’ve reviewed so that we can give you the pros/cons of each. We feel that’s the only way you’ll find the right site for YOU.

And another thing – you’ll find reviews for nearly everything you can gamble on online. That includes casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, binary options, forex and dice.

2) Thorough Guides & Advice – This includes things like an explanation of how provably fair works, how to get started online, regional information, rogue sites, legalities, and more.

3) News & Updates – This includes bitcoin sites opening or shutting down, (major) fluctuations in value, sports picks and promotions.

Our goal is to become your go-to resource for anything related to bitcoin gambling. We hope we achieved that. And if you have any questions we’ve failed to answer, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email.