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BitcoinRush Review

BitcoinRush was founded in 2013. They claim to be the first to offer provably fair casino games.

What stuck out to me during my review are all the scam complaints from users. I saw all kinds, such as:

  • “I never win.”
  • “BitcoinRush stole my bitcoins.”
  • “They stole my ID.”

This was the worst complaint though:

They seem to stay out of trouble for a few months but then unleash their wrath in full force. It is like they are laying low and gathering strength for a couple of months and then come at their players and their Bitcoin with full force. They have a pretty average payout time for any Bitcoin casino out there but they do not honor it in any way. They do not even come close to providing that to their players. I have personally waited for months to receive a couple of Bitcoin. I have heard of others waiting even longer for a hundred Bitcoin and more.

I have a hard time believing any of this. For one thing, everyone was claiming they were scammed a different way. Most rogue casinos have a ‘system’ – they scam their users the same way, over and over again.

Another thing – apparently their (parent) company, Havelock Investments, have gone public with their company. [1] Their initial plan was to offer 3 million shares.

So what’s the truth? Who really knows? But I have a hard time believing a company that’s gone public and has seen 80+ percent month over month growth, would throw it all away to steal someone’s ID (which, chances are, is worth much, much less than selling equity in their company).

But don’t take my word for it. Do your own due diligence before signing up.



Name: BitcoinRush


Established year: 2013

Languages: English

Wagering limits: High

Cashout times: Instant

US Players: Yes



Games work on all mobile devices
Games are provably fair
No bonuses or promotions
Very few games

Funding Your Account, Cashing Out & The Rare Promotion

BitcoinRush’s min. deposit is .001. Once you make a deposit they’ll give you a unique address.

They tell you to expect to wait up to 24 hours for both deposits and withdrawals. This is definitely slower than other bitcoin casinos. But, honestly, you can certainly find worse things to complain than having to wait 24 hours for your money. Especially if you’re coming from a traditional online casino background (cash outs pending for more than 1 year, anyone?).

It also doesn’t look like they have any promotions, like deposit bonuses or VIP schemes. That’s disappointing.

That said, if you check out their blog you’ll see that they do giveaways every once in awhile. Just a few months ago they did a 25 mBTC giveaway to their sports bettors.

It’s better than nothing. And I can be more forgiving of that knowing they have more than a handful of games to play.

First Deposit

BitcoinRush’s Games: More Than What Meets The Eye

When I first checked out BitcoinRush I was a little disappointed. When you hover over the HTML5 Casino tab in their navigation, do you know what you see?

5 games.


That’s it. You can take your pick from the following:

  • Blackjack – .001/2.0
  • Roulette – .001/.25
  • Baccarat – .001/1.5
  • Video Poker – .001/.25
  • Hi-Lo – .001/.25

This is a weak selection of games. This is extremely low when compared to the likes of PlayCoin or BitStarz.

But then I dug around some more and found that they also own Bit777 and PeerBet. They recently bought both of these companies.

What does that mean for you? That if you’re willing to go to another site (Bit777) that you’ll have a larger selection of games to play.

  • Slots – 4 games
  • Table – 12 games
  • Blackjack – 8 games
  • Roulette – 7 games
  • Video Poker – 4 games

That gives them 40 games overall. Not bad. Not bad at all.

I was surprised at all the games and variations they have at Bit777. Especially the Blackjack games. For example, you could play Multi-Hand Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, Blackjack Surrender, Pontoon, Snapjack and Spanish Blackjack. You’d be hard pressed to find a larger selection of bitcoin Blackjack games at any other casino.

And if you get bored with casino games, you can hop into their sportsbook and bet on things like football, baseball, MMA, soccer and more.

Their sportsbook has several options/features like:

  • Reduced Juice – 109 and 105 dime baseball lines.
  • High Limits – Up to 10 bitcoin per bet.
  • Live betting.

They also have PeerBet, a site where you can play and get against other players. There’s no house edge.


Soccer Game Image
Casino Roulette Game


How We Rate BitcoinRush

They earn a C+.

What saves them (and ultimately makes it worthwhile to check them out) is Bit777. That gives them a larger selection of games and Blackjack variations. Otherwise, between having only a handful of (core) games, no promotions and plain looking software, I’d rate them a C, maybe even a C-.




Click Here to Play at BitcoinRush VISIT CASINO

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