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Bitcoin Dice sites do not actually use any dice. These are probability based games, where you can configure the risk and rewards yourself. These games are provably fair; you’ll see the server and client strings and can double check the results. Bitcoin Dice can also be played anonymously.

This article gives you can overview of the world of Bitcoin Dice. First of all, you will find more on how these games work, and how the casinos prove that the games are fair. After that some of the main ways of betting on BTC dice games are outlined. Some of the most popular and trusted sites where you can find these games are covered at the end of the article.

Casino Options For Playing Bitcoin Dice

Have a look at the selection of Three Card Poker games listed below. We are really big fans of the Coingaming casinos and their game, so they get the nod here.

How do Bitcoin Dice Games Work?

Essentially, these games involve guessing whether the random ‘roll’ of a 100 number range will be above or below your specified number. You can configure a 50% / 50%, or even try for a 1% chance. The house-edge in these games is low. Legitimate sites go as low as 1%, with some sites going even lower than this. You can gamble from a few 10ths of an mBTC, or take the stakes much higher.

There are two aspects of Bitcoin Dice game which make these stand out from the traditional casino games. First of all, you get to choose your own odds. You can take as much risk or as little as you like. This makes the format ideal for using betting systems, or creating your own creative ways of betting.

Second, all of these games come with the ability to prove that the game was fair after the fact. By combining information from the server and your own ‘client string’, it is possible to verify each result. This is known as ‘Provable Fairness’ and is unique to Bitcoin gambling.

When you play Bitcoin Dice you’ll have a choice of changing the number ranges, or the odds on offer. For example if you choose to go from the default 50 to 75, the odds move from 1-to-1 to 3-to-1 for the ‘High’ option. You can go all the way up to 99 and down to 1 (zero is included). If you prefer, you can choose the odds which will see the numbers automatically shift to match the probability you have selected.

Some of the Dice games have auto-play functions. You can configure these for a certain number of spins, or to stop after your bankroll hits a certain level. Having multiple rolls can reduce the variance caused by one or two outliers in a number sequence.

These games can be played at large bitcoin casinos such as BitCasino or at dedicated dice sites like Prime Dice and Satoshi Dice. Most of these do not require any form of registration. You’ll need to be aware that you can only withdraw to the BTC wallet that you deposited with. This catches some players out – for example if they deposited through an exchange or other agreement. As long as you know this in advance, it should be easy enough to organize your deposits properly.

Betting Systems and Bitcoin Dice Games

An advantage of the provably fair games and low house edge is that they are ideal for players wanting to test out betting systems such as the Martingale widely used in other casino games. Many people simply create their own. An example might be to bet on a 2% shot 50 times, quitting if you hit. If not then bet 50 units on a 50% chance.

Most betting systems are based around either positive or negative progressions. There are fancy names, and some complex math involved in some of them. Though systems almost always boil down to either doubling after a win, or after a loss.

These systems can reduce the variance of BTC Dice games in the short-term. In the long term, the house edge will always prevail. Martingale systems (where you double after each loss), have a tendency to wipe out player’s bankrolls when that inevitable losing streak hits.

Where to Play Bitcoin Dice

Ever wondered what the best Bitcoin live casinos are in 2023? There is no shortage of places to enjoy Bitcoin Dice online. The reputation of sites is very important in your choice. Sites which have a great track record with payouts and provably fair games include SatoshiDice, Just Dice and SatoshiBet.

SatoshiBet: This is a Bitcoin Casino with 9 games, all of which are provably fair. You can register, or play completely anonymously using a custom URL. The BTC Dice game here is very simple compared with the custom sites. You’ll also have the choice of Roulette, a slot and several card-games at this casino.

SatoshiDice: This site claims to be the original venue for online BTC Dice games. They have provably fair games and support 11 different languages. With 6 million games already played, SatoshiDice has plenty of experience. The house edge at this site is 1.9%, which is higher than at some other sites – the balance is the trust and experience you’ll get by playing here.

Prime Dice: A hugely popular Bitcoin Dice game, and as the name suggests, this site specializes in only the Dice game. There are a lot of options for bets and increasing the odds which you can reach with the click of a button here. This casino goes out of their way to explain to new players how to use the provably fair strings too. With a house-edge at 1% and a solid reputation online – this is a recommended site.

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